Bucked Up Transformation: Sheryl Thurman

Hey! My name is Sheryl Thurman. My transformation began about 5 years ago. At that time I was 92lbs, had depression, anxiety and was VERY unhappy. I had just moved to a new state where I only knew my in-laws. I’m a stay at home mom, so my in person interaction was little.

At the time I was still suffering from an eating disorder; either I didn’t eat or if I did, I would do Pilates to burn off what I ate. Well, one day my husband’s friend’s girlfriend — at the time — invited me to the gym with her. That was it, I was hooked!

Between my kids and my bad back (from an accident many years before), I wanted to be stronger to not be in pain anymore. I couldn’t even pick up my kids without being in tears from the pain. I couldn’t handle that anymore! I wanted to be able to be a good mom!

Today I am 127lbs. My depression has dropped so much, along with anxiety. I get to interact with others now thanks to the gym. I can play and pick up kids, and my back pain is almost non-existent! If that didn’t inspire me to keep going I don’t know what would!

What was your goal? How did you reach it? 

My goal was to gain weight and be stronger, for me and my kids. I’ve suffered with an eating disorder since high-school so I’ve always been small — underweight, unhealthy and weak.

Once I had my 2nd child, a switch went off inside my brain saying, “Your kids need a strong mom, a mom who will be there!”

I started small, and eventually joined a gym! I started following others on Instagram who workout. Their strength, as well as my kids, has motivated me to keep going. Since then I’ve managed to gain weight, and build muscle.

What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it? 

My biggest issue was my eating disorder. Although I was happy with working out and gaining weight, a part of me was still disgusted by the (healthy) change. Also, I got in a car accident several years ago, which caused back problems.

I over came both by not giving up, and realizing how much I really enjoyed working out! The gym helped strengthen my back causing me little to zero back pain! Also, now I love my muscles and my size, so that alone helps keep those ED (eating disorder) voices at bay.

Why did you choose Bucked Up?

 I chose Bucked Up, because, well, honestly the deer symbol drew me in, haha. But, once I looked into the ingredients and the flavors I was like, “Man, I seriously need to try this!”

How has Bucked Up helped with your journey?

 Bucked Up has helped me by keeping me motivated. And the pre-workout flavors make it easy too, since they are so yummy!

Also, being an ambassador, I’ve gotten to be a part of this family. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful; if I need advice on anything, someone is there to help, without question. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

What makes Bucked Up different from other supplements you have tried?

 The Deer Antler Velvet Extract obviously. But also the flavors! Omg, no other companies have flavors this yummy.

Also, the energy and pump I get from the products make them that much better. I don’t get the feeling that my skin is itchy and I don’t feel like I’m on fire, like so many other brands out there do. Plus, it doesn’t make me jittery or anything. Bucked Up does exactly what I want — gives me energy!

What do you do for motivation?

Look at my kids, honestly. I want to be around for them, and I want to be healthy and strong for them.

Seeing other members’ progress always helps too. Seeing how others are going through their own problems, but continue to be better and push themselves helps motivate me to keep pushing myself too.

Without the Bucked Up family I would have a lot less motivation.

What are your favorite Bucked Up products and flavors? 

Oh my, I love the pre-workouts! My favorites are Woke AF and BAMF, for sure. As for the flavors, well…it’s hard to pick which one I love the most, but I think I have to go with the Mango flavor.

Oh, almost forgot! The BLACK series pre-workouts are great too! Honestly, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve found a flavor I haven’t liked, haha.

What was the one thing that most impacted your success? 

Results! When I see the results from using the products and working out for so long it helps keep me going. Without that, I wouldn’t be successful. Seriously, I wouldn’t be who I am today without any of this!

Any advice you’d like to give to people looking to start their own journey? 

Don’t hesitate, and don’t ever think you can’t do it, because you totally can! Trust me, you will surprise yourself more then you ever thought possible!

So yeah, get out there and do it! It’s NEVER too late to start your journey.

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