Mind Muscle Connection Methods

Mind Muscle Connection?

We’ve all heard about the power of the mind. People can control separate parts or even specific muscle groups by a signal sent from the brain. Some can control even specific strands of muscles. It all depends on how much time you take to practice this concept.

So, let’s take a look at the methods that you can incorporate into your daily workouts. This will help you get the most out of your workouts. Don’t leave your gainz at the gym by doing a half effort workout. It’s not about how MUCH weight you can pull, it’s about TARGETING the muscles that you’re intending to grow!

mind muscle connection

Mind Muscle Connection Methods:

The G.I.T. (Get in touch) Method:  “Practice” the exercise without holding any weight. With slow movement, work through the complete range of motion (ROM) while thinking of the exact muscle you are wishing to target. Once you feel that you’ve targeted the muscle, proceed with the workout, using weight at a regular/fast tempo. This is a method that you’ll want to practice with perfect form.

Tactile stimulation method: Another form of (MMC) is achieved by touching the actual muscle you want to work. You can do this yourself, if you are doing an exercise that allows one hand to be free. OR, you can get a workout partner that will do the touching for you…don’t even go there…get your mind out of the gutter!

Visualizing: Arnold Schwarzenegger practiced this method. This is where you’ll picture the muscle contracting during your set BEFORE you even sit down on the bench or lift the weight. As you’re doing your exercise, you can even picture how want your muscle to look. Think about the contraction of the muscle during your workout.

Muscle Contraction: Contract your muscle for two seconds before performing the exercise. With pull ups, you can contract your back muscles by bringing your shoulder blades together and contracting at the top of the movement.

Remember, you’re going to the gym to put in work. You are putting all that effort into yourself, so don’t sit around and not take your workout seriously. Meaning, you’re not going to get gainz while you sit and work your thumbs while texting. Get in, lift heavy weight, and get on with your day…or night. And, always fuel your workout with Bucked Up™ and feed those muscles with Racked™ BCAA’s

If any of you out there have had any results using these, or other methods, please comment and share your knowledge! If you want to see some of this stuff in action, then read about Jordan Brooks’ transformation.








Abby Cain

Written by Abby Cain; Director of Communications