Transformation: Amanda Carter

In today’s article, we will highlight the impressive transformation of Amanda Carter. Through hard work and commitment during the Bucked Up Boot Camp, she has continued on her quest toward enhanced health, gainz, and wellness.

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My Boot Camp Journey!

The summer shred boot camp for 2021 was absolutely life changing for me! I was able to shed twenty-two pounds, cut several inches off my waist, and even drop a few pant sizes! It got me into the best shape that I’ve been in for years.

I gave it 100% on all the exercises that I did and saw a 110% return. I definitely plan on competing in the next 8 week challenge to see how much muscle I can build and how much further I can go: I know the time in effort that I put into it was definitely worth it and we’ll continue to be worth it in the next one.

Honestly, I can’t even believe that I’m the same person as I was, and all in just six short weeks!

My Before & After photos were absolutely a huge change. The workouts were definitely challenging and I had days where I wanted to quit, but I just kept going, because of the drastic changes I was seeing on a weekly basis.

I cannot thank the Bucked Up crew enough for putting this on for us.

Tell us about your transformation and what inspired it. 

I am a former Army Veteran: Upon getting out, I gained some unwanted weight. Truthfully, I have struggled all my life with holding extra weight. once I got out and have really struggled all my life with extra weight.

But after I had my two children I knew I had to be healthier for them. So I got to work!

What was your goal? How did you reach it? 

I don’t have a set weight goal but I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

The Summer Shred Challenge has made that a possibility for me! 

What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it? 

My biggest obstacle was diet, but I just kept telling myself, “This is for the kids, and for you!” 

*Sigh* Been there! *finishes post-workout “refeed,” returns to fridge five minutes later devours 3lb bag of gummy bears* -Logan

Why did you choose Bucked Up? 

I saw Bucked Up a while ago on and decided I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did, because it was the first pre-workout I ever tried, and I have loved it ever since!

How has Bucked Up helped with your journey? 

It has definitely helped me get the most out of my workouts. Additionally, it’s always helped boost my energy (even on days I didn’t want to workout)!*

What makes Bucked Up different from other supplements you have tried?

Oh, for multiple reasons!

  • It’s definitely strong. All the energy is fantastic!
  • All the products blend just so well with water!
  • And, of course, it tastes AMAZING! 

What do you do for motivation? 

I give myself a pep talk, take my preworkout or energy drink and get to work! 

What are your favorite Bucked Up products and flavors? 

I love…

Nootropic High Stimulant pre workouts

What was the one thing that most impacted your success? 

The Bucked Up Boot Camp group was a huge motivator for me, especially after seeing the success stories and transformations! 

Any advice you’d like to give to people looking to start their own journey? 

Give it your all!

You will see a 100% rate of return for what you give. And trust me, you will be beyond happy with the results you get back! 

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