Workout Routines

It is easy for us to get stuck in the same old workout routines. And although that is not necessarily a bad thing, you can really liven up your exercise by changing it and following more unique sets for specific results.

In the Workout Routine section of our blog, we go over a bunch of different workouts that are dedicated to certain parts of your body or focus on certain techniques that can be applied to other routines. In this section, you can find guides on different techniques, routines, and types in order to take you gains to the next level!

3 tips to Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy

Tis’ the season to accumulate massive amounts of lean muscle. To accomplish such great feats requires more than just a massive caloric surplus though. Ingesting loads of calories without methodical training isn’t a “bulk” it’s just hibernation. We don’t want hibernation, we want transmutation by hypertrophy (muscle growth).  The problem most people have when training …

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