My name is Shane Harrison, and my transformation started back in 2016 after I nearly died from sepsis. My weight shot up to over 200lbs which, given my situation, is very unhealthy.

I was having severe breathing problems and my atrial fibrillation was acting up horribly. Not to mention my mental and emotional state of mind. I was suicidal and a very angry person.

I knew deep down that that wasn’t me. I knew I had to change something or I was for sure going to die. So I started eating better and started back to training and before I knew it my health started improving.

What was your goal? How did you reach it?

My main goal was to drop the weight and get My blood pressure,atrial fibrillation  under control and get back the body I used to have or atleast close to it. But I knew that I first had to get my mental and emotional health in check. So got my bipolar disorder back under control. Then, as I got that in check I started eating right again and training harder but smarter than I did before. After about two years I was almost back to my normal self.

What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it?

My biggest and most challenging obstacle was definitely my mind. After I nearly died I thought for sure I was never going to be able to train again and therefore I thought no sponsors would want anything to do with me. After I got picked up as an ambassador by Das Labs my self confidence grew even stronger than ever.

Because I knew that there were companies in the fitness industry who believed in me that helped me believe in me.  One other thing that helped me overcome my obstacles was learning to believe in god all over again. But more importantly, my family and friends helped me come out of my paralyzing nightmare.

How has Bucked Up helped with your journey?

One of the biggest ways Bucked Up has helped me with my journey is the huge support system that I have all around me and their willingness to help me be the best I can be. Our CEO is one (B)ad (A)**(M)other(F)*****(BAMF)(haha see what I did there)?

But I can’t forget the awesome supplements that Bucked Up has. They are unlike any other supplements that I have tried before. And, trust me, I have tried a lot of supplements.

What makes Bucked Up different from other supplements you have tried? *

Hmmmm where do I even start?

Well, for starters… like I mentioned before, they have a support system of people who actually care about their people, and aren’t just out to make money off us, then send us on our way (like most companies). 

They actually take the time to help in any way possible. If one thing doesn’t work, they will work with you to find another solution. I am not just saying that because I’m an ambassador. I’m saying it because it’s true.

If I didn’t believe in a company, I wouldn’t care how much money I was offered, how much free product I was getting or any other incentives I was offered. If I didn’t believe in them, I wouldn’t still be here almost a year later. That’s what sets Bucked Up apart from other companies: they actually care!

What do you do for motivation?

I am very big about listening to music when I train. Music that really gets me pumped up and in the mood to train would be artists like:

  • Eminem
  • Tupac
  • Biggie
  • DMX

But, before I turn on a single song, I like to take a moment to reflect on the day before, and figure out what I can do to make that day better than the day before.

Another thing I like to do for motivation is listen to Tony Robbins; his motivational speeches inspires me to be a better person one day at a time. But before I do anything I like to take my morning supplements. You know, like my Bucked Up pre-workout!

What are your favorite Bucked Up products and flavors?

What was the one thing that most impacted your success?

The biggest thing that impacted my success is my family and their unconditional love and support in everything I have always wanted to do. My friends who I have known for most of my life that have always had my back. The lord whose love is unconditional and who has guided me through everything both the good and the bad.

Then, of course, I can’t leave out my second family: My Bucked Up family, who has been there for me when I needed them most! I owe a lot of my success to them.

However, the single most important person I owe my success to is my mother. She has been there for me when I needed her the most, when I had no one else and when I didn’t believe in myself.

Any advice you’d like to give to people looking to start their own journey?

The single most important advice I would give to people looking to start their journey is this: find what drives you, what gives you the fuel to light that flame inside you. Take what drives you and run with it and don’t stop running until you get to where you want to be. Know your reason to for doing what you’re doing (i.e. know your why.)

The most important is this: At any moment, be able and willing to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.

Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day or even a year. But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, it will last forever, though.

Lastly, in the words of the great Balboa, “it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”

Logan Peterson

Logan Peterson is an avid writer and an unprofessional, non-competitive bodybuilder. Logan has several degrees, all of which he made up to sound more credible (for obvious reasons, Legal said he can’t list them). In truth, he simply has an insatiable curiosity. After eleven years of obsessive research, he knows too much about fitness, nutrition, and supplementation for his own good. Despite all appearances, he’s fiercely nerdy. Outside of fitness, his passions are reading and writing; his genre interests run the gamut from litrpg to satire. Due to ADHD, he’s currently working on several novels, and will likely publish all of them at once. And yes, he wrote his own third person.

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