Tell us about your transformation and what inspired it.

At my heaviest I was close to 195 pounds. That terrified me how close I was to 200 pounds. I knew I had to do something in order to become healthier. I’m a 5’7”, female and that’s considered obese. Hearing those words from a doctor is one of the worst feelings.

Luckily, I had a friend that was very familiar with the gym. They showed me the proper form and helped me gain my confidence in the gym. That day gave me back my confidence, and since then, I’ve never looked back.

Now I like to help others who could be in the same position as me by posting my progress, meals and workouts on my Instagram.

Bucked Up supplements have also helped me in my journey. The clean energy, pump, endurance, and focus from the pre-workouts are so helpful! And their recovery products for after my workouts have proved super beneficial!

I cannot even begin to explain how much better Bucked Up Supplements are compared to competitor brands that I have tried in the past!

What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle was my first time actually going to the gym with my friend. I remember wearing oversized clothing and the constant fear of being judged in the gym. However, after I went I realized just how helpful and friendly people were in the gym; we are all their for the same reason of trying to be healthier!

But I know how scary it can feel when you first start out at a new gym and how overwhelming it can feel!

How has Bucked Up helped with your journey?

Bucked Up has been a lifesaver for me!

I love being a brand ambassador and seeing everyone come together to help each other out. Being able to reach out to others who have questions about the products or who want to know more about specific products and those that have similar goals or have lost their passion for working out and are looking to get back into it is very humbling because we all have our highs and lows and personal struggles.

But with Bucked Up we try to inspire each other and lift each other up when needed. I haven’t gone back to any other companies that I have tried in the past because of the great results I have noticed from our products.

What do you do for motivation?

For motivation I often; check our group ambassador page for new posts daily, change up different flavors or our pre-workout and RACKED BCAAs, follow many fitness people on Instagram. And, of course, update my music playlists often!

What are your favorite Bucked Up products and flavors?

My top 4 products I cannot live without are:

Also, on days where I need the extra energy at work, the Rocket Pop and Blue Razz Bucked Up Energy drinks are my two favorite flavors!

What was the one thing that most impacted your success?

The biggest impact would be consistency. Making sure that I continuously workout and hit my macros daily have made the biggest difference for me personally! Without those two things it’s hard to continuously see progress!

Any advice you’d like to give to people looking to start their own journey?

My advice would to never give up even if you start to gain weight at first, know that it could be for many different reasons like water retention or gaining muscle.

I wouldn’t focus on the scale because it could change for many different reasons. I would focus more on taking pictures and comparing them because you start to see how many inches you are losing versus the scale! Without taking pictures I would have become very discouraged and probably would have given up.

Give it time, it doesn’t change overnight. But once you do start to see the changes you really feel proud and accomplished!

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