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The Misjudged Supplement – Deer Antler Spray

It may sound like a cozy coat you’d find on a cartoon villainess, but deer antler velvet is actually the superhero of many stories. Swooping in to save struggling fitness enthusiasts and athletes from the sinister clutches of stagnation — the exerciser’s true archnemesis.

Deer antler extract‘s impressive resume makes it an epic ally in any fitness quest. Many athletes have already discovered the health benefits of deer antler velvet. But sadly, some still suffer from tragic brainwashing.

If that’s you, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. The fault lies with those fear mongering morons who somehow think of their propaganda as a reliable resource (despite the fact their “science” is about as cherry-picked as certain game changing documentaries). Cast aside those indoctrinations and open your mind to the potential benefits of this wrongfully demonized hero.

By the time you finish reading this article, you might just find Captain Deer Antler —aka Buck— sweeping into your supplement stack to save you from the worst of all the supervillains. The thief of gainz, Mr. Mediocrity. Look into deer antler spray recovery!