Deer Antler Spray for Bodybuilders

In this article we will break down the applications of Deer Antler Velvet Extract, specifically for bodybuilders or those wishing to build lean muscle in the gym.

Most can agree that any bodybuilder worth their bench press (PR) knows more than the rest of us mortals regarding their art. 

So really, it’s no wonder that a fitness pursuit that’s as loaded with impassioned athletes as it is scientists would come to love supplements such as Deer Antler Spray.

The problem is that many fitness enthusiasts still don’t know about this ancient treasure. Whether this problematic ignorance is because of deer antler extract’s controversial history, or sheer narrow mindedness has yet to be discovered. 

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve long ago evolved beyond narrow mindedness. So keep learning to know why so many bodybuilders choose to use Deer Antler Spray for their competitive edge.   

What is Deer Antler Spray?

Short and simple: the soft, fuzzy, protective hair that covers the bone and cartilage of growing antlers that have not yet hardened is called deer antler velvet. 

Interestingly, deer antlers are unique in that they’re one of the quickest-growing bones in any creature. 

Deer and elk, on the other hand, replace and renew their antlers every year; this might explain why many conventional medicine systems adore young deer antler velvet extracts — they’ve been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

And if something’s been used successfully for that long, then it just kinda makes sense that…

Athletes and bodybuilders, those who constantly seek out the next edge, would eventually stumble their way into the realm of nature-science synergy; speaking of course about deer antler spray. 

Bodybuilding & Deer Antler Velvet:

In recent years, the use of deer antler velvet supplements has become increasingly popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

Elites often take these products believing that they can help in areas like:

  • Increase muscle mass*
  • Improve strength*
  • Enhance endurance*, and…
  • (my personal favorite) reducing the time it takes to recover after workouts*

But perhaps the most important reason why so many bodybuilders use deer antler spray is for one simple reason:  Muscle failure.*

Here, I’ll explain…

One of the most trusted methods for building lean muscle mass is Muscle Failure, and this two-ish step process consists of: Tear then Repair.

  1. Tear: When we take a set of an exercise to failure or beyond we induce micro tears across the targeted muscle.
  2. Repair: Through proper rest, recovery, diet, and supplementation, muscle protein fibers rush in to start repairing the muscle fiber we just damaged, thereby conjoining and rebuilding the worked muscle to make it stronger and larger.

This is just one method of hypertrophy (to find more, check out this article), yet it’s also one of the most trusted.

Here’s why this is important: The antlers of a stag are well-known for the fact they regrow faster than any other living organism on the planet and many believe (for good reason) that this benefit for recovery applies to recovering from workouts as well. And as seen above, repairing muscles is key for building muscle

Experts Agree: The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Using Deer Antler Spray…

…is of course to, well…

Y’know, start using Deer Antler Spray.

This might come as a surprise (to hopefully no one), but there are currently no supplements known to man that are capable of providing benefits if you don’t believe in your goals enough to actually make the needed changes to your supplement stack. 

So if you care as much about hitting your goals as I want to believe you do, then it’s more than safe to say that you know what your gainz require of you…

Snag your bottle of Deer Antler Spray TODAY.

…or you could continue the scrawny lifestyle (wasting away little by little without ever experiencing the unparalleled sense of pride most of us feel when we finally ruin our first set of shirt sleeves).

But let’s be honest. We both know you’re bigger and better than average. 

Here’s that link again — you’re welcome.

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