Making A Delicious Smoothie With Your Racked BCAAs

Do you struggle when it comes to eating healthy and sticking to a meal plan. I know why this is difficult, and I’m going to tell you why most fail. You get burnt out! Cravings for sugars and fatty foods take over, and ultimately win.  Today I am going to show you one way to beat your sugar cravings and make you successful when it comes to eating healthy and staying on track with your nutrition goals!

Racked BCAA smoothie is the answer! I personally know this smoothie works because it has been a lifesaver for me during competition prep. That being said, today I’m going to let you in on how I beat the cravings and also show you how to make a delicious fruit smoothie using Racked aminos

Only four simple ingredients. This smoothie is easy to make and convenient.  You need Racked BCAAs, handful of blueberries, unsweetened cashew milk, and Buck Feed Protein.

Here’s how simple it is to make: Add one scoop of your favorite BCAA flavor into your blender. Next, add about a handful of berries. (approx.10-15) Then Pour 1/2 cup of unsweetened cashew milk or almond milk into the blender. You will want to add 1/2 cup cottage cheese or 1 scoop Buck Feed protein to make your smoothie have a better consistency and thickness.

After that, just add 8-10 ice cubes and blend away! Now you have a fruit smoothie that’s delicious and healthy too!

Here are the ingredients and calories so you can see for yourself how amazingly healthy it is.

                                  Fats, Carbs,Protein

Buck Feed Protein      1g        3g        25g
10 blue berries            —        1g           —
1 scoop                      —         —            —
Racked BCAAs
1/2 unsweetened        1g        —            —
vanilla cashew milk

Nutrition-   Fat  2g, Carbs 4g, Protein 25g                      Total Calories= 134

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