Bucked Up: Beginner’s Stack Blueprints

Jumping into a new fitness quest can be daunting. There’s a lot of new terms, techniques, tools, and things to learn. It can feel overwhelming.

This article will help get you off on the right foot. I’ll explain the best place to begin with picking the perfect supplements for starting off, and provide valuable information. 

This way you don’t have to wander around trying to figure out mysteries. Read on to see just how simple finding the right supplements can be. 

The Right Path

In any proper hero’s quest, our green-tunic wearing, sword wielding prophecy-child begins with a basic Adventuring Pack. He will, of course, find epic new loot along his journey, sometimes replacing old items with new ones, other times keeping his trusty old reliable short sword. But he needs that beginner’s Adventuring Pack to get there.

You might not wear a green tunic or need to save all of Hyrule, but if you’re reading this, you seek to save something far more important than a silly little world…

You strive to save yourself from a perilous existence, one devoid of life’s most precious rewards. Consisting of shreds, size, symmetry, and proportions, this profoundly philosophical stone is known to current adventurers as Aesthetic Accolades (sometimes referred to as GAINZ).

And you are just embarking on that quest. So, like the hero of Hyrule, you too must acquire your first Adventuring Pack. Except, in this world, we refer to this staple as…

The Bucked Up Starter Stack.

A Stack That Supplies It All

Every hero that’s not out of their bucking mind must be equipped with the staples. Such staples most commonly (and optimally) need be implemented around the times of when the body’s growth factors are most malleable. 

Timing can be a critical factor in building a dream physique, and there are a lot of methods, times, cycles (e.g. circadian), that can be tweaked for positively hacking fitness goals. Those are also a little more niche than I’ll get here. 

For sake of this article, the most important (and easiest) time frame to optimize if you want that epic yield of powerful results is the hours occurring in and around your training session. These are often referred to as:

  • Pre-Workout: The hour (and sometimes even hours if we’re getting nutritional) leading up to a training session.
  • Intra-Workout: The time during a training session.
  • Post-Workout: After an intense workout, some really cool shit occurs within the body (just a few esoteric terms to commit to memory might be: glycogen absorption, protein synthesis, nutrient utilization, GH increase, oxygen debt, etc.), rendering it super susceptible to influence — via nutrition, rest, and supplementation 


It’s no secret that in order to attain an aesthetic physique you must exercise. No, a lackadaisical thirty minute elliptical isn’t enough; that’s fine if you simply want to improve general health and see some benefits in cardiovascular function, but even then it’s a subpar choice. 

To actually sculpt your physique requires hard work, and equally if not more importantly, smart work. Whether your primary goal is to build muscle, burn fat, or even a little bit of both, you gotta show up to the gym ready to flip the switch (from daily life to adrenaline surging survival-of-the-fittest mode) and dial into that level of peak performance that’s within us all. 

Despite how overdramatized (melodramatic might be more accurate) the above section is, getting into the zone isn’t all that difficult. So long as you have the appropriate pre-workout, of course.

If you’re, like, super brand new to health and fitness, then you might wonder things like:

  • Does pre-workout actually help? Yes
  • Do I really need pre-workout? Duh
  • What do I look for in pre-workouts? Hold please…

When seeking a supercharging pre-workout, you wanna find something with a non-proprietary blend (meaning the ingredients are all listed, full disclosure), and that utilizes clinically studied ingredients. The ingredients should augment certain gym life stats. For example:

  • Increase Endurance: Gotta get those reps, yo.*
  • Epic Energy, preferably in more ways than just caffeine*
  • Improved Blood Flow (aka the “PUMP”): Flex it out, homies and homettes*
  • Enhanced Focus: Ditch distractions, the gym is meant for growth*
  • All the Power: Strength, progressive overload, etc.*
  • Hydration: Surprise, hydration plays a massive role in peak performance.*

Good news…

We have a wide variety of pre-workouts. 

  • There’s the one that started it all, Bucked Up
  • The stim-sensitive trainee’s best friend, Bucked Up Non-Stim
  • The brainiac nootropic pre-workout, BAMF
  • The barbarian stim-junkie’s dream pre-workout, WOKE AF
  • And of course, the potent purifying pre-workout, BLACK (can be found in Bucked Up, WOKE AF, and BAMF)

(There’s also PUMP-OCALYPSE, which you should read about here.)

Pump caffeine free pre-workout

Although choosing one of our pre-workouts can be overwhelming, all the aforementioned benefits can be found in them. This is because every variation of Bucked Up pre-workout was built using the benefit staples as the foundation. That’s right. Each one supplies…

  • Energy*
  • Endurance*
  • Blood Flow (pump)*
  • Focus*
  • Power*
  • Hydration*

I won’t belabor you with all the details in this article to keep it concise, so if you want a more in-depth look check out this article. In the meantime, here is the foundational formula on which all our pre-workouts are built:

  • Beta-Alanine: promotes strength*, endurance*, and muscle growth* (the tingles too)
  • Citrulline: improve blood flow for better endurance*, pump*, nutrient delivery*
  • AstraGin: clinically shown to increase Citrulline absorption*
  • ActiGin: boost athletic performance* and VO2 Max*
  • Vitamin B12: you know what it does…energy production*
  • AlphaSize: Clinically shown to increase mental sharpness*
  • Himalayan Rock Salt: rich in 84 trace minerals for ultimate hydration*

The differences between them are as follows:

  • Bucked Up Non-Stim: Caffeine Free
  • Bucked Up (Flagship): 200mg caffeine, 2.5g of Beta-Alanine
  • BAMF: Increased caffeine to 333mg, and beta-alanine to 3.2g. Additionally, BAMF has two powerful nootropics (Huperzine A, and Dynamine).
  • WOKE AF: increased caffeine to 333mg and beta-alanine to 3.2g. We then added two insane stimulants (Synephrine and Dendrobium).
  • BLACK: a stellar mineral blend (humic/fulvic acid) to encourage optimal detox and cleansing*, as well as increased nutrient absorption* (some say the BLACK series versions of our pre-workouts even hit harder).

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Often overlooked, BCAAs offer benefits from both worlds: Performance and recovery.* In this section, I’ll explain how Branches Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) can help you reach your goals.

Here’s the thing: What you do while you’re in the gym is, quite frankly, not even half the battle. The real test occurs between rounds. The way muscles grow in size, tone, and power is a simple process. TEAR & REPAIR.

When we train, we tear muscle fibers, similar to a rope holding too much weight and fraying. Our bodies utilize proteins (from food) to come in and repair the muscle fibers. The fibers then grow BIGGER, STRONGER, more DEFINED. The aforementioned rope becomes wound steel coils.

The problem: while we’re intaking proteins for repair, another process is occurring. This opposition is called muscle protein breakdown, and its goal is to steal every protein you’re stacking so you can’t fully recover. In order for muscles to grow, the rate of protein synthesis must be faster than the rate of muscle protein breakdown. (To get even more information on how to accelerate gains by strengthening the pillars of muscle growth, check this out.)

The solution: Amino acids, the building blocks of protein. 

BCAA for fit people

Branched Chain Amino Acids — leucine, valine, isoleucine — are the heroes, here to help you defeat muscle protein breakdown*. Leucine joins the construction crew, stacking proteins with Flash-like speed. Valine and Isoleucine help, standing guard, thwarting muscle protein breakdown’s attempts.

Delayed Muscle Fatigue

As powerful as those benefits are, BCAAs have even more to bring to the table. They can also delay muscle fatigue.* 

And, seeing as how the name of the game is dealing as much productive micro-damage to the muscles as possible (to invoke the powers of repair and recovery thereby eliciting growth [hypertrophy]), we want to be as efficient and effective as possible when training. 

BCAAs greatly help in that department. Additionally, Bucked Up’s BCAA formulas, The Original and RACKED, can be even more helpful as they have been formulated with ingredients that optimize performance beyond the usual.* We included hydrating ingredients, because hydration is important for athletic performance. Surprise.

Need help deciding which BCAA formula to choose? I got you…here.

High Quality, Tasty Whey Protein

Intaking an appropriate amount of protein per day is critical for anyone interested in building muscle, losing weight, or just achieving optimal levels of health and wellness. 

Many people struggle to get adequate amounts of protein during the day though. The reasons can be due to any number of factors, such as who really wants to be eating lean proteins like chicken and tilapia all day long. 

Whey protein is an astonishingly powerful tool to have in your proverbial shed due to its numerous benefits, specifically in regards to achieving goals.

Most specifically…

Optimizing what’s commonly referred to as the anabolic window. As I mentioned earlier, the body goes through some sweet changes directly after a workout. Therefore, when we properly address our nutrition post-workout, we can basically get double the benefits that we would have otherwise.

Using protein shakes as an example, here’s a comparison to give you a better idea as to what I mean.

  • As a meal replacement, a clean whey protein shake like Buck Feed is a smart and healthy way to optimize daily diets for muscle building, fat loss when combined with exercise and health.*
  • As a post-workout shake, drinking Buck Feed whey isn’t just smart. It’s crucial. 

Therefore, optimizing the anabolic window is a great deal easier when you have a tool like OG Buck Feed already equipped and ready to shake up and enjoy. 

Get Yours Now

Now that we’ve gone over the three staple supplements (Bucked Up Pre, BCAAs for intra, Buck Feed for anabolic window maximization) for starting out on your fitness journey, there’s really only one step left…

 The responsibility for this massive step you will have to do on your own. I can, however, make it easier for you to get there. 

What’s that step though…

It’s pretty straightforward. Simply follow this useful little link (click here, yo) and I’ll virtually teleport you to the nearest supply cache. In other words, head on over to the site and stock up. 

After all, isn’t it about time you finally upgraded your empty adventurer’s pack with goal-accelerating supplements and owned your aesthetic powers? Hint: That was a rhetorical question. The answer is yes, it is time you upgraded. Head over to the site now!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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