Heat Hardcore: Your Fat Burning Supplement

Let’s talk fat burners and supplement stacks. Most likely, you know the reasons why exercisers often use fat burners. Building supplement stacks is not as commonly discussed. Today, we bring those two topics together to help you learn how to build a supplement stack geared toward maximizing your healthy weight loss goals.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know in order to get the most out of Bucked Up’s epic fat burner, Heat Hardcore. Including important topics such as…

  • What are fat burners?
  • Heat Hardcore defined
  • Commonly experienced fat loss benefits 
  • Key Ingredients (responsible for said benefits)
  • Supplement Stacking 101
  • Building Your HEAT Hardcore Supplement Stack
  • The best times to utilize powers of Heat Hardcore
  • What this high stim fat burner should NOT be used  

Supplementing Fat Burners for Fitness 

Fat burners aren’t anything new. I have no doubt you’ve heard of them. Those supplements that melt fat off your body faster than a creamsicle left under the summer sun. 

That would be nice. If it were true. But it’s not. No fat burner is magic,(at least not in the Tolkien sense of the word). 

You can’t just throw down some sweat-inducing thermogenics and expect some deus ex machina to appear out of nowhere and avada kedavra your fat into the aether. That’s not how this s*** works. Not to hurt your feelings or anything, but let’s be real.

Layers of fat didn’t just magically appear over your body. There wasn’t some sadistic sorcerer that got bored one day and decided to cast a fat gain spell on you. That would be an interesting excuse, of course, but reality’s not so fantastical (sadly). In other words, to find the culprit responsible for hexxing you with excess weight you only need to search as far as the nearest mirror. 

Extenuating circumstances (commonly known as excuses) aside, you alone are responsible for your current physique. Silver lining: if you were responsible for accumulating that fat, then you also have the power to destroy that particular enemy. 

That is your battle, and yours alone. Your spotter can help you get extra reps, but no spotter is so dedicated to your quest they’ll hold your hand (or, if they’re a true pal, slap the back of your hand whenever you ask your dasher for donuts) the entire way toward building your epic future self.

Like any fight against an evil foe, your chances of triumphing over fat increase when you go into the lair armed with weapons (preferably those of the legendary, wondrous, or epic classification). 

HEAT Hardcore: Legendary Fat Loss Weapon

Boasting the tried and true (non-)magical properties of thermogenesis (+22-666 fire damage, +13% XP per kill), Heat Hardcore is so overpowered that, if life were a video game, you’d have to loot it off the great Litch King himself. 

Luckily, at least in this case, life is not a video game. No boss battle must be defeated in order to attain the heralded Heat Hardcore. 

And better yet, you can find Heat Hardcore in both pill form and in a powder form, which, I might add, is a delicious addition to otherwise boring beverages (looking at you, water). Because of the intense weight loss supplement’s powder form, many exercisers make the detrimental mistake of using Heat Hardcore as a pre-workout (more on that later).