Let’s talk fat burners and supplement stacks. Most likely, you know the reasons why exercisers often use fat burners. Building supplement stacks is not as commonly discussed. Today, we bring those two topics together to help you learn how to build a supplement stack geared toward maximizing your healthy weight loss goals.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know in order to get the most out of Bucked Up’s epic fat burner, Heat Hardcore. Including important topics such as…

  • What are fat burners?
  • Heat Hardcore defined
  • Commonly experienced fat loss benefits 
  • Key Ingredients (responsible for said benefits)
  • Supplement Stacking 101
  • Building Your HEAT Hardcore Supplement Stack
  • The best times to utilize powers of Heat Hardcore
  • What this high stim fat burner should NOT be used  

Supplementing Fat Burners for Fitness 

Fat burners aren’t anything new. I have no doubt you’ve heard of them. Those supplements that melt fat off your body faster than a creamsicle left under the summer sun. 

That would be nice. If it were true. But it’s not. No fat burner is magic,(at least not in the Tolkien sense of the word). 

You can’t just throw down some sweat-inducing thermogenics and expect some deus ex machina to appear out of nowhere and avada kedavra your fat into the aether. That’s not how this s*** works. Not to hurt your feelings or anything, but let’s be real.

Layers of fat didn’t just magically appear over your body. There wasn’t some sadistic sorcerer that got bored one day and decided to cast a fat gain spell on you. That would be an interesting excuse, of course, but reality’s not so fantastical (sadly). In other words, to find the culprit responsible for hexxing you with excess weight you only need to search as far as the nearest mirror. 

Extenuating circumstances (commonly known as excuses) aside, you alone are responsible for your current physique. Silver lining: if you were responsible for accumulating that fat, then you also have the power to destroy that particular enemy. 

That is your battle, and yours alone. Your spotter can help you get extra reps, but no spotter is so dedicated to your quest they’ll hold your hand (or, if they’re a true pal, slap the back of your hand whenever you ask your dasher for donuts) the entire way toward building your epic future self.

Like any fight against an evil foe, your chances of triumphing over fat increase when you go into the lair armed with weapons (preferably those of the legendary, wondrous, or epic classification). 

HEAT Hardcore: Legendary Fat Loss Weapon

Boasting the tried and true (non-)magical properties of thermogenesis (+22-666 fire damage, +13% XP per kill), Heat Hardcore is so overpowered that, if life were a video game, you’d have to loot it off the great Litch King himself. 

Luckily, at least in this case, life is not a video game. No boss battle must be defeated in order to attain the heralded Heat Hardcore. 

And better yet, you can find Heat Hardcore in both pill form and in a powder form, which, I might add, is a delicious addition to otherwise boring beverages (looking at you, water). Because of the intense weight loss supplement’s powder form, many exercisers make the detrimental mistake of using Heat Hardcore as a pre-workout (more on that later).

Benefits of HEAt Hardcore
  • Thermogenesis: Help cast your fat stores into the fiery pits of Hades.
  • Metabolism Support: Calories are simply a measurement of energy. When the body has excess energy, it stores them away as fat in case of emergency. An accelerated metabolism burns through calories before they stow-away in your gut.*
  • Healthy Hormone Levels: Hormones dictate fat loss. Optimize your hormones and you’re already miles ahead of your competition.*
  • Focus, Mood, Motivation: HEAT delivers the focus to function even on a calorie deficit, elevates mood to keep you from emotional eating*, and provides the motivation to keep you at your best* — both in the gym and the kitchen.
  • Nutrient Utilization: Wasted nutrients don’t do anyone favors. Especially when on a quest for fat loss.
  • Water Shredding: No one likes feeling or looking bloated. Added bonus of thermogenesis, the sweating helps you shed water.* 


Key Ingredients for Fat Loss
  • Caffeine: Increased to 275mg, this formula has nearly 3x as much power as the original HEAT.
  • GBB: Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB): has been shown to increase carnitine production by up to 300%. Carnitine works by transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be burned for energy.*
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: this highly bioavailable compound has been shown to greatly benefit; thyroid function, cortisol from stress and anxiety, and a healthy metabolism.*
  • SerinAid: To help support healthy hormone balance.*
  • Uva Ursi: Increased dose, Uva Ursi works to help you shed water weight and reduce bloating*
  • Dandelion Root: Increased dose, Dandelion Root is an ancient chinese herb that boosts energy, mood, motivation, and can accelerate fat loss.*
  • FiberSmart™: A 100% natural & 100% soluble fiber sourced from Tapioca that has ZERO net carbs. FiberSmart™ contains up to 13% of your daily fiber. FiberSmart™ not only suppresses your appetite by expanding in your stomach*, but buffers the uptake and release of caffeine*. 
Supplement Stacking: Foundation Knowledge

For those brand new to supplement jargon, Stacking is the practice of incorporating additional supplements with the intention of amplifying results.

Emphasis on intention. One problem many individuals run into when stacking supplements is doing so without any clear intention. They hear someone say X supplement is good for something, and curiosity sets in. Cue new item added to cart.

This in itself isn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually. However, most of us must stick to a budget. Shame, I know, but sometimes it’s those “rules” that make the game of GAINZ more fun. 


Because it’s part of the puzzle, and when it comes right down to it, the art of sculpting your ideal physique has more in common with puzzles than many realize. Likely because too much of the industry peddles the moronic mentality of simply working harder, longer, etc. to build/burn (that’s a totally different rabbit hole though, and I won’t barrage you with my contrarian rants). 

Architecture & Tetris: Building Block Mindsets for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Whichever metaphor you prefer, the architect or the puzzlemaster, the end goal will always be the same. Building your body is the same as building your dream house, just as it’s similar to playing Tetris. 

How Bucked Up supplements feel when getting stacked
  • Learn which tools best complement one another
  • Prioritize goals for periodized blocks of time (for example, eight weeks dedicated to fat loss, four weeks dedicated to growth, eight weeks dedicated to body recompositioning, etc.)
  • Once you know your next growth period’s priority, architect your workout routine, dial in diet, and get to that game of supplementary Tetris, puzzling and building the supplement stack most likely to yield the best results for you.

To some people, that might not sound like very much fun. It might sound like *gasp* mental work. In other words, some of you are brainwashed into thinking…or rather, brainwashed into avoiding inquisitive free thought, trial and error. That’s obviously not me. Not because I’m smart or whatever, just because overthinking is my ADHD default. 

I digress. If you have to allocate mental energy elsewhere, have more important things to worry about than fitness (because, unlike some of us, you have a life outside the gym [congrats]), or some other reason I assuredly missed, then don’t worry.

By now I’d wager you trust us, the masters of puzzling for fat loss and muscle growth commonly referred to as Bucked Up (DAS Labs). Good news. We have already built multiple stacks, which we sell on the website. They’re kind of like those endcaps at bookstores where employed booksellers display Employee Recommendations. Except our stacks are objectively selected and designed to legitimately help you.

(Unlike employee recommended reads, our stacks aren’t built based on some nineteen year old pseudointellectual’s attempt at showing off how much more literate they are than others, using esoteric book titles, which they only read to puffer up their intellectual egos [vanity’s peacocks aren’t exclusive to the world of fitness, those insecure birds are native to every region where self-improvement is present].)

If you aren’t particularly interested in unlocking the Puzzlemaster or Architect achievement, or you want to have a solid foundational stack with which you can tweak at will (without worrying about the base efficacy), then we have you covered. 

We have already done the puzzling, as well as conducted numerous self-experimentations, gotten mathematical, sketched and measured roof pitches, carefully crafting the ultimate Supplement Stacks for their respective health & fitness goals.

Follow any of the links below to check out the Supplement Stacks designed by your favorite know-it-alls and experts: Bucked Up HQ.

And for those of you who love Tetris, read on. The following section is where I pretend to be a professor, and teach you some cool stuff. Or at least, the interesting stuff you need to know if you want to personally design a customized supplement stack that will work for you. And your goals.

Building Your (HEAT) Hardcore Fat Loss Stack

Many compounds will work well on their own but have even better effects when combined or ‘stacked’ with something else. It might be that ‘supplement A’ activates pathways so that ‘supplement B’ is absorbed more fully or can work more quickly. 

Alternatively, the stacked supplements may work synergistically by improving two elements of your fitness, such as thermogenesis and energy metabolism in the case of Gamma Butyrobetaine (GBB) and Acetyl L-Carnitine.*

You might recognize those two supplements from earlier, because they’re both in HEAT Hardcore.

Prioritizing Goals and Stacking Accordingly 

I mentioned earlier that the best way to stack supplements is to focus on one goal at a time (eg. Tetris: what might not be the right block now might be just the piece needed in the future). This helps ensure you’re not taking multiple compounds that might:

  • Have opposing effects and cancel each other out
  • Interact negatively with each other (consequences may vary)
  • Deliver too much of one ingredient (eg caffeine/stimulants)

Do your research to ensure that all the supplements you plan to take are aligned with that goal and that the stack is built with supplements that have positive interactions with one another (all hail the cheat code compound multiplicity?).

An easy way to achieve both tasks is to read the PRIME BENEFITS bullet lists on any Bucked Up supplement.

Simple step-by-step process: Using HEAT HARDCORE as the central building block of our Supplement Stack 

  1. Write out your Primary Goal: FAT LOSS
  2. After designing your training and diet, which will always come before supplements, learn what the key components for optimal fat loss are. (For an in depth lesson on those, check out this article.) Hormones, Metabolism, Thermogenesis, Energy are a great place to start.
  3. Now we have our list of benefits to look for. Metabolism, Thermogenesis (sweat induction), Energy, Hormones.* Put it on a post-it note if you want, whatever. 
  4. Traverse the internet until you arrive at your digital adventure’s destination, Buckedup.com
  5. You might be tempted to think you’re ready to start mastering the art of stacking for fat loss at this point, and you might be…If you already have the foundational staples for general health and wellbeing solidified, then you can move on to Step #6. If not, however, well. Miss your turn and go straight to the page for any one of our multivitamins (STAG, DOE, or Essential Gummy). Because guess what. No matter what your primary goal is, you need a full spectrum multivitamin. (Here’s an article if you want to read more about why, but frankly, this fact should be obvious [didn’t your parents teach you anything?, multivitamins are first, always])
  6. Now that you have the multivitamin in your cart (don’t leave it there, you’re only hurting yourself), we can move on to step six. Now is when you may begin your studies within the vast archives of gainz arcana —ie scrolling at leisure while watching Netflix.
  7. Keep an eye out for any supplements suggesting fat burning, and especially make sure to check out RAW lines for that extra edge (I’ll leave those particular discoveries to you though)
  8. For even more effective studying, make gratuitous use of our website’s search bar. It’s really smart. Uses keywords and algorithms and stuff. For example, Metabolism, and Fat Burn. (Those links might be of interest to you, just saying…)
  9. Once you’ve turned your browser’s tabs into something resembling a hoarder’s library, begin reading the descriptions and benefits of your first draft wishlist. (While doing so, make sure to keep in mind your budget and more importantly, those key terms we talked about: Metabolism, Fat Burn, Thermogenesis, Hormones, Mood, Motivation, Energy, just the basics, nbd)

When you have completed this process, you might find your fat loss supplement stack looks similar to one of the following examples…

For a solid entry level stack:

  • HEAT (regular): Similar benefits to HEAT Hardcore—more mild
  • Bucked Up: Flagship formula for maximizing workout efficiency*
  • RACKED BCAAs: Revolutionary BCAA formula that can also increase thermogenesis.*

Intermediate fat loss stack:

  • HEAT Hardcore: Incindiary fat burner*
  • BAMF Nootropic Pre-Workout: Nootropic pre-workout for telekinetic gainz and energy*
  • RACKED iBCAAs: Did you know…BCAAs can accelerate muscle recovery*
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Stim-free helps break up stubborn fat stores.*

Fat Loss Stack for the Insatiable

  • HEAT Hardcore: I don’t wanna be redundant but…you get the idea.
  • WOKE AF High Stimulant Pre-Workout: Insanely high stim for the, well, insane.
  • RACKED iBCAAs: Above benefits+helps convert fat to be burned for energy*
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Stim-free fat loss support*
  • Sleep Support: Okay, this one doesn’t increase the intensity. The aim for adding in Sleep Support is to offset some of the damage your stimulant addiction inflicts.


If you approach “cutting” with as much caution as a wildfire, then you might find your extreme calorie deficit has a negative impact on muscle fullness, recovery times between workouts, etc.

As someone who absentmindedly lives in a calorie deficit, one supplement in particular has been something of a GAINZ saver.

ALL BULK NO BLOAT: Zero calorie lean mass gainer. As the name states, All Bulk No Bloat is most often used for those dedicated to building lean muscle. That being said, I keep it in my supplement stack year round. The formula is designed to help optimize the pillars of muscle building.* And since it doesn’t add any excess calories or junk, it won’t impair fat loss. However, due to its potential benefits, it may help you maintain your preferred level of muscularity while cutting down.* (Find out more about All Bulk No Bloat here)

The Safety Stuff You Probably Won't Read, But NEED TO KNOW...because health is important too

This is that boring part where we (you and me) all pretend that health & wellness matter as much to us as looking all sexy, shredded, and lean. Wait…you’re saying you do care about health as much as aesthetics? Awkward…

Anyway, here are a few things you need to be cognizant of during daily usage of your fat loss supplement stack.

Daily Caffeine/Stimulant Intake:

Some people, more responsible than myself, would recommend keeping daily caffeine doses under 300-400mg. Their logic is sound.

Sleep and adrenal health are important. But, not as important as abs.

Still, if you find your caffeine intake in the extreme range of 800-1100mg a day, then that’s just overkill. You have a problem and should see someone. And by see someone, I mean you should try keeping your daily intake to a dose that’s at least conservatively reckless.

I suggest shooting for 400-650mg. Spread out, not all in one sitting, obviously.

And, on that note…

Supplement Timing:

DO NOT TAKE a pre-workout at the same time as a fat burner, especially if that fat burner is HEAT Hardcore. We call it Hardcore for many reasons. One of them is that this thermogenic king is packed with 300mg of caffeine. Pre-workouts typically have stimulants/caffeine as well. So, dry scooping WOKE AF and chasing it down with a tasty beverage of HEAT Hardcore is a recipe for, at the least, discomfort.

Instead, try to space stim-intake out over the course of the day. For example, fellow evening lifters might want to try this stimulating schedule:

  • Upon waking: 1/2 serving HEAT Hardcore
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm: 1/2 serving HEAT Hardcore
  • 5:00pm Pre-Workout: Bucked Up, BAMF, WOKE AF, BLACK series
Aces in Their Places (Pre-Workouts vs Fat Burners):

If you are currently using the powder form of HEAT Hardcore as your pre-workout, I need you to do me a quick favor. Slap your hand. Consider that your scolding. While a fat burner like HEAT can be used as a pre-workout, technically, so could candy. In other words, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Pre-workouts (Bucked Up, WOKE AF, BAMF) are specifically designed to, you know, enhance your training sessions.*

Fat burners like HEAT and HEAT Hardcore are formulated to help fuel your fat loss journey.*

And, I know this might sound crazy, but… fat burning ingredients in HEAT Hardcore are not the same as the performance ingredients in pre-workouts. As it would turn out, different goals require different supplement formulas. To reiterate, aces in their places.


Stacked For Synergy

You really don’t need me to remind you of this, but remember: No matter how many supplements you combine, or how methodically you curate your stack, even the best supplement stack is still just supplementation.

At the end of the day, if you want results, you must put in the work. But the right supplement stack can help ensure you’re getting the most out of every rep, sweat session, and healthy eating decision.*

Build your supplement stack, experience the profound benefits of synergy, and get Bucked Up.


Until next time…

Peace, love, and gainz


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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