Unlock the Ultimate Pump with NitrosigineⓇ

If you have ever wanted to optimize your fat burning without sacrificing that beloved pump, then you find yourself in good company. 

Most who seek the aesthetic grail of gainz have discovered how despairingly impossible it is to find a pre-workout that’s been formulated specifically to help us satiate our fitness greed…erm…I mean, our fitness goals.

Good news. We at Bucked Up laugh in the face of impossibility. Because of our genius and tenacity, we forged a pre-workout unlike any other, a pre-workout created to supply everything needed for optimal workouts, as well as, perhaps even more importantly, provide benefits to your fat loss journey. 

We call this holy grail, LFG. Join me in knowledge.

Let’s Freaking Go

We want a pump worthy of applause. We want fat-incinerating thermogenesis. We want eternal, everlasting energy. We want increased performance. We want omnipotent power. And, I mentioned we want epic pumps and accelerated fat loss, right?

The groundbreaking pre-workout LFG by Bucked Up is engineered to enhance the training components you need to achieve your impressively lofty goals — give me gainz or give me death, and also, let’s get shredded.

In today’s lesson, we will go over what makes LFG such a powerful pre-workout. In this particular article, I will place primary focus on the empowering role LFG can play in blood flow and PUMP training. 

Before we get into that, however, let’s do a quick dive into this formula’s enticing fat-burning properties and the ingredients driving those benefits.

LFG Pre-Workout: Wage War on Enemy Fat

Some of the honorable benefits exercisers might experience when training under the influence of LFG pre-workout are…

  • Long-lasting, time-released energy.*
  • Thermogenesis to help trigger fat loss transformation*
  • Promotes proper metabolic function for healthy weight loss*
  • Dopamine flood gates release for elevated mood & motivation*
  • Encourages the quest for unequaled levels of endurance*
  • Prime the body for transformative cell swelling— optimus PUMP*

Wow, those are some impressive benefits!

Kinda makes you curious about the ingredients, huh? Good thing LFG has a full-transparency label so I don’t have to worry about some crappy proprietary blend! 

There’s a lot of epic ingredients to dive into, which is why we have this article more centered on the suppositional fat loss benefits of LFG (check it out). For now, let’s do a quick look at some of the Key Ingredients found within every powerful serving of LFG.
  • Encapsulated time-released caffeine: Steady stream of rapid energy helps keep energy levels from zeroing out before you have accomplished your day’s mission.
  • MitoBurnⓇ (L-BAIBA): Breakthrough ingredient scientifically studied for increased fat burning*
  • Mucuna pruriens (L-Dopa): Unlock the key neurotransmitter involved in motivated weight loss*
  • ParadoxineⓇ (Grains of Paradise): Clinically shown to promote fat burned during exercise* 

Why is every fitness enthusiast obsessed with the PUMP?

Most of you know what the pump is, but for those of you who don’t. Allow me to enlighten you, young grasshopper.

Referred to as cell swelling by scientists, the pump is that feeling after a set of bicep curls, when blood pools into working muscles, creating a buildup of intramuscular blood plasma. Blood plasma seeps out of capillaries and into the spaces between the blood vessels and the muscle cells. This creates an extracellular pressure gradient, which causes plasma to flood back into the muscle.

And the result…sleeve-stretching glory.

Ruined sleeves and a drastic positive change in physical appearance aren’t the only benefits of achieving a top-tier PUMP though. There are short-term and long term benefits too!

Fitness Benefits of PUMP Training

Achieving a resonant pump that echoes throughout the memories of all who bear witness is an easy pursuit to get passionate about. Because when we incorporate practices that serve to amplify the pump, we are often well-rewarded with GAINZ.

Such as…

  • Encourages greater nutrient transportation to aid muscle recovery*
  • Metabolic stress training, often associated with higher volume (PUMP) training, has shown to be one of the three prime mechanisms for hypertrophy and muscle growth.*
  • PUMP training is often correlated with shorter rest periods between sets, which can lead to increased muscle endurance.*

Now you know why we’re all so obsessed with the PUMP. It has nothing to do with vanity…we’re way more evolved than that, obviously

LFG, a pre-workout designed to empower fat loss as well as the PUMP (get you a pre that does both)

LFG is more than just an insanely powerful pre-workout loaded with clinically studied, trademarked ingredients to help with weight loss. LFG is also very encouraging of our pump-training lifestyle. 

The primary PUMP factor found in LFG pre-workout is…

NitrosigineⓇ Rises In Ranks As Powerful PUMP Potentiate

Used primarily for the PUMP, Nitrosigine is one of the most effective supplements to hit the market in years. In fact, this patented supplement is so powerful that the company behind its conception has won numerous awards.

So, obviously we had to include it in LFG. 

Because LFG is first and foremost a pre-workout loaded with ingredients that help accelerate fat loss goals, we knew we needed a supplement that packed as much blood flow power as possible on a gram per gram level, so we didn’t end up with one of those pre-workouts with such massive serving sizes the only thing that gets pumped up is an uncomfortable stomach distension.

Lucky for us (and you) Nitrosigine has been shown to be as effective in small doses as large doses of citrulline malate (CM). For those who don’t know, CM is considered a highly effective vasodilator (pump enhancer) in its own right. As effective as citrulline malate is though, the studies don’t lie. 

The two pump-enhancing compounds were thrown in science’s version of the ring. The study had subjects use 1.5g of Nitrosigine, 8g of citrulline malate, and a placebo.

The results…

The placebo didn’t do anything—no surprise there. 

On the other hand, citrulline malate and NitrosigineⓇ both greatly elevated FMD (flow-mediated dilation).* Increased FMD denotes increased blood flow and vasodilation through NO (nitric oxide) production.*

So yes, both supplements were effective.

There’s a catch though…

When you compare the serving sizes used in the study, 1.5g of Nitrosigine to 8g of citrulline malate, it’s clear who the real winner is — NitrosigineⓇ.

NitrosigineⓇ is such a potent pump enhancer that it’s capable of doing as much work at even smaller dosages as what’d take most supplements several grams more. 

How To Stack LFG Fat Burning Pre-Workout for Maximum PUMP

If you want to get started on accelerating your fat loss goals, here is a handy link that’ll rush you over to our website: Kill fat now.

But, before you do…

I’d be remiss if I failed to teach you how to create the best pre-workout stack for achieving powerful pumps during your training. 

Obviously, we will be using LFG as our foundation…

  • PUMP-OCALYPSE: Blood flow supplement powder formulated to significantly enhance the PUMP. Stim-free makes this supplement the perfect partner to LFG! (read more about PUMP-OCALYPSE here).
  • Himalayan Rock Salt: Rich in 84 trace minerals, Himalayan Rock Salt has been a bodybuilding backstage secret for its ability to hydrate and therefore, benefit the PUMP!*

Phew. That was close. Now I can rest easy knowing you are completely set up to maximize all those truly ridiculous high-volume, fat-incinerating workouts you’re about to experience when training on LFG.

Here’s your link to greatness — Let’s freaking go!

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.