One of the most common concerns plaguing ambitious go-getters is how to find the time and energy to exercise. When you’re working three jobs, time is frequently too limited to schedule in the (too often) suggested high-frequency workout routines. 

With the addition of energy expenditure, it’s difficult to find the motivation to do anything but stare vacant eyed at the television.

Bucked Up has the answer to your energy woes. Introducing a pre-workout that’s specifically designed to help you shatter energy confines, and rise out of the imprisoning continuum of time. With Overtime.

In this article, I will be breaking down the everyday heroe’s favorite pre-workout, Overtime. 

By the time you finish reading, you will be armed with arcane knowledge such as…

  • What exactly is this heralded pre-workout?
  • What benefits might you find within the treasure trove of Gainz (i.e. Overtime)
  • What key ingredients are responsible for said benefits
  • The difference between the new kid on the block and our flagship formula, Bucked Up
  • Who would benefit most from Overtime Pre-Workout?
  • Our very own in-house ratings system to help you pick your pre with precision wisdom 

Overtime Pre-Workout: GAINZ for the Busy Workaholic

We get it. You work every day. Early mornings. Late nights. Always grinding, pulling Overtime.  

It’s not enough though, is it? You are a machine— relentless. You want everything life offers. That means you need gainz: health, longevity, fit physique. You want it all — respect. 

But you’ve racked up 40 hours this week and it’s only Wednesday. Time’s not the problem, the problem is energy. Average people are busy. Not you. You’re exhausted. 

Even the best machines need energy. Not just any energy. Most sources can’t keep up with your drive. You don’t have time for their CRASH. You need energy so powerful, so long-lasting, it does more than just keep up. 

You need energy that pushes you beyond limits— your true potential. You need Overtime.

That’s all really cool and all, but…

What is Overtime?

Overtime Pre-Workout is the newest pre-workout (as of this writing) to hit the industry. From your favorite neighborhood supplement company, Bucked Up. 

Now, before you get too excited, you should probably know that Overtime is a Wal-Mart exclusive. In other words, you won’t be able to find it in our retail stores or on our website. If you want to indulge in the shiny new supplement, here’s a link. If you miss out on that link, don’t worry. I’ll be throwing them down left and right in this article (for your benefit, obviously). 

For those familiar with Bucked Up products, the simplest way to describe Overtime is…

If Bucked Up and BAMF fused together in a freak scientific accident, the result would be Overtime. 

Not the way you think though…

Overtime is equipped with the same nootropics that’s garnered —our nootropic pre-workout— BAMF such a devoted following; we’ll get into those a little later. The problem some might have with BAMF is it’s too strong. Our suggestion in that case is always to try our flagship formula, Bucked Up.

But even Bucked Up might be too strong for some. 

This is especially true for the overworked, stressed out, exhausted entrepreneurs or single moms (or dads), or college students working to make ends meet while taking sixteen credit hours. 

The reason for this is because such intense schedules require significant energy just to make it through the work-day. So a lot of these individuals already intake 400mg ‒ 600mg of caffeine. That doesn’t leave a lot of room left to add in Bucked Up or BAMF (this comes down to adrenal fatigue; if you think you might be suffering from anguished adrenals, read this article).

If you’re looking for a supplement that’ll help you accomplish your ambitious goals, Overtime is the perfect combination

Whether the energy is needed for creative energy and drive to pursue your own endeavors, or train for your ideal levels of health and fitness, Overtime can help. Read on to discover the benefits and the ingredients that make them possible. Click here to find the best pre-workout for women. Or read about this blueprint for beginner’s stack.

The Following Fitness Benefits Brought To You By Overtime
  • Hydration Gainz: Too often ignored, hydration is our body’s foundation for fitness and health. Enriched with thirst-killing electrolytes to help solidify your empire’s success.*
  • Unparalleled Energy: Maximize momentum with clean energy. 150mg caffeine helps you reach energy’s “sweet spot”—jitters free. L-Theanine to sustain long-lasting energy—zero crash.* 
  • Flow-State Focus: Hack into hyper focus with nootropics (Hordenine–Agmatine– Huperzine) and unlock the plateau-breaking power of flow—brain gainz*
  • Destroy Your Fatigue: You don’t have time for any fatigue, mental or physical. Trusted B vitamins & Beta-alanine to push you beyond limits — your true potential*
  • Deliciously Guilt-Free: Refreshing flavors amplify dopamine for mood and motivation. ZERO SUGAR – —ZERO Crash  — Sweet like success.*

So, in other words…

Escape energy confines and transcend the barriers of time – go Overtime. Get it, because, over Time, as in…escaping the limitations of so called universal time. It’s funny if you let it be, I promise.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Overtime?

The key ingredients in Overtime work synergistically to bring you impressive benefits.

Satiate your curiosity by reading the bullet list below, where I have included brief descriptions of this pre-workout’s clinically studied ingredients.

  • Caffeine: 150mg. Yes. Milder than most of our pre-workouts. Because we care about your adrenals, most likely more than you do (I’m looking at you, team WOKE AF {as a BAMF nerd, I really can’t talk but whatever})
  • Arginine AKG 2:1: Blood flow anyone? May increase the pump.*
  • Agmatine: Epic for the pump, but more importantly (in this case), prized for its studied benefits in brain categories.*
  • Hordenine HCL: This particular nootropic might just be this humble, ADHD, author’s favorite ingredient to have in a pre-workout. 
  • Huperzine A: One of the most popular nootropics on the block, Huperzine A has shown the potential to aid in learning as well as memory recall. Also neuroprotective.*
  • Taurine: May aid in fitness goals by delaying muscle fatigue, increasing fat burning when combined with exercise.*
  • Coconut Water Extract: You know why health nuts love coconut water. And I pray to the gods of gainz that you know hydration is nearly, unequivocally the most important factor in daily function…you do know that, right? Because, well, my six year old nephew knows that, and come to think of it, I’m pretty sure the four year old does too. Just saying. Hydrate or miss out on gainz (it’s really that simple)
  • B-Vitamins: There was a time when the vitaminal House of B held clout. It was respected and even feared for the energy benefits (and others) the family of numerically named B’s provided. Sadly, B-vitamins, like the B6 and B12 found within Overtime are all too often overlooked. By others. Not by us. Because we’re smart and we know better. If you wanna be smart and know better, then, well…enjoy Overtime’s impressive offerings of House of B.


Who Should Use Overtime Pre-Workout

Are you a biohacker trying to discover new ways to optimize brain gainz, or an entrepreneur, double-day job, 70 hour work weeks hero? Then Overtime is for you. Try it at the gym, or throw it in your shaker to propel yourself through that third work session in 36 hours.

With a conservative 150mg of caffeine, Overtime is a light stim pre-workout. Perfect for those sensitive to caffeine, or for stim junkies who aren’t prepared to fully part with their stimulants but need to chill out. 

Formulated with three separate nootropics as well as two hydration enhancing ingredients, Overtime is a brain-changer. Like an update that actually delivers its promise:

  • processing speed*
  • memory recall*
  • flow-state focus*

For those performing HIIT, WODS, or other such hardcore cardio training —*ahem masochists—Overtime might just be your new favorite pre-workout. 

Who Should Stick with Bucked Up, BAMF, or WOKE AF?

For the hardcore athletes, physique design, isolation afficionados, power lifters, then we must give the nod to Bucked Up (or for the insatiable, BAMF or WOKE AF). Simple. These three formulas deliver more growth-specific potentiates. 

Speaking of hypertrophy necessities…

Both Overtime and Bucked Up are designed to increase blood flow and endurance.* That being said, Bucked Up is formulated with a greater emphasis on achieving optimal levels of the PUMP 

For those dedicated to bodybuilding style workouts, then we suggest sticking with Bucked Up, BAMF, or WOKE AF.

Table of Comparison for Individual Bucked Up Pre-Workouts


Overtime Bucked Up BAMF WOKE AF
Energy* 4/5

150mg caffeine and theanine 


200mg caffeine

4.5/5 5/5
Unadulterated Pump* 3/5 5/5

PUMP winner*

4/5 4/5
Mythic Power* 3/0 4/5 4.5

telekinesis anyone?


Rumored over 9,000

Focus* 4.5/5

Your task manager’s new best friend


AlphaSize GPC for mental sharpness


Wait, I’ve been lifting for 3 hours?!


Did I just PR? Wait… where’d all these dumbbells come from?

Schedule Friendly* 5/5

Focus, without losing track of time—reality


The choice is yours. Set a timer to be safe 


Time…such an abstract concept 


When was I?

SFW (safe for work)* 5/5

You can thank us later…


Please ask your boss for permission first


Slight uptick for hyper focus nootropics, but you’re still crazy


NSFW x 666 — WOKE AF has zero chill

Beginner Friendly* 5/5 4.5/5

We still suggest starting with a half-scoop. Because we care.


There is no spoon…you really think you’re ready for that?


What about “zero chill” did you not understand?!

Endurance* 4/5

Particularly impressive for enduring your insatiable ambition


Beta-alanine, taurine, actigin. Endurance trifecta


Space and time are merely an illusion. You wouldn’t get it.


I’ll stop when I’m dead…or when my heart explodes

Hydration* 5.5/5

Obvious winner. Coconut water gainz


Himalayan rock salt: rich in 84 trace minerals


Please wait while we calculate your water intake…


Water? I only drink the blood of my enemies.


Tip For The Indecisive and Curious

Are you curious about the pre-workout Overtime, but just can’t go without the great pump typically associated with our flagship formula Bucked Up?

I get it. I’m the same way. That’s why I’ve devised what might just be my new favorite pre-workout stack.

  • Bucked Up Non-Stim: Same epic formula as it’s caffeinated twin, Bucked Up, but without stimulants (such as caffeine).
  • Overtime: 150mg energizing caffeine, four nootropics, two hydration ingredients, blood flow.*
  • PUMP-OCALYPSE: The world-breaking formula for enhancing the treasured PUMP. May also increase strength over time.*

Beware: the first time I tried this unholy trifecta of pre-workouts, the quad pump was too great to walk correctly. And the second time, well, let’s just say it was quite the stupid arms day, and…come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I ruined the sleeves on my favorite arms day t-shirt.

High quality problems?

Enjoy! And don’t say I didn’t warn you…

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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