In this Ultimate Pump article I’m going to provide you with a workout that will yield:

  • +36 to Charisma
  • +29 to Swole
  • +9 to Strength
  • +21 to Muscle Endurance
  • +9000 to PUMP
  • — 107m to Beta-ness

    If that doesn’t get your veins throbbing, then you might be a noob. But, even noobs are welcome here, so read on and we’ll get you some levels.

Have you ever had those days where you’re feeling down on yourself? Maybe something happened at home, work, with the finances, yada yada. Or maybe you totally botched it on your nutrition the day prior (or that morning).

bodybuilder baby crying

Could be any of those things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know you need a little pick-me-up. Or a giant ego boost.

Well, to quote the man who’s played Conan, The Last Action Hero, and his most iconic role, Himself, I’m here with your perfect prescription.

“The (Bucked Up) pump is the cure!”

While the gym is often therapy, always having to stick to a set routine can be draining. Especially if you’re already feeling like <censorship>. When that happens, I’ve found it’s better to just turn off the brain and go hero mode.

Because let’s be honest, some days, you need a chance to look yourself in the mirror, flex on some haters, and think;

“Bro, look at deeze gainz!”

As someone with crazy massive 18” arms (on a good day) I’m here as an expert to tell you that’s totally cool. There, I now give you my permission to bro down for an hour.

Now that you have the permission, I’m going to give you the blueprints. This will include:

  • Pre and Post Nutrition
  • Pre and Post Supplementation
  • Actual Routine (obviously)

Pre Workout Nutrition (1 hour 30 minutes prior)

  • If fasted:
    • Continue fasting, duh
  • If Keto or keto-ish:
    • 1 serving Buckfeed
    • 1-2 servings Peanut (or almond) butter
  • If clean carb eater:
    • 1 serving Buckfeed
    • ½ cup oatmeal + stevia
    • 8 oz beet juice
  • If dirty carb eating heathen:
    • 1-2 McDoubles
    • 24 oz Powerade
    • 1-2 donuts

Ultimate Pump Pre-Workout Supplementation (30-40 minutes prior)

ARMED: The Ultimate Bucking Pump

Rest time: 30-90 seconds

  • Leg Press 3 x 15-20
    • Hitting legs briefly before gets blood flowing
    • Don’t go to failure
  • Superset #1
    • Cable Guillotine Curl 4 x 12-20
    • Cable Triceps Pressdown 4 x 12-20
  • Superset #2
    • DB Hammer Curl 4 x 10-15
    • DB Overhead Triceps Extension 4 x 10-15
  • Superset #3
    • Machine Preacher Curl 4 x 10-15
    • Machine Triceps Extension 4 x 10-15
  • Superset #4
    • Reverse Grip Preacher Curl 4 x 10-15
    • Cable Rope Pressdown 4 x 10-15
  • Superset #5
    • DB Incline Curl 4 x 10-15
    • DB Incline Bench Triceps Extension 4 x 10-15
  • Superset #6
    • Barbell Curl 4 x 15-20
    • Barbell Skullcrushers 4 x 15-20

Post-Workout Nutrition/Supplementation

pump recovery model
  • If fasted:
    • 1 scoop Buckfeed mixed in 8 oz iced coffee
    • Obviously don’t do coffee if it’s late at night
    • Add in Creatine and Glutamine for extra gains
    • ½ apple
    • 2-3 rice cakes
  • If dirty carb loving heathen:
    • 1 scoop Buckfeed Whey (directly after)
    • 50 grams gummy bears (directly after)
    • Entire Meat Lover’s Pizza (1 hour after)
    • 12 oz Ribeye (with your pizza, you gainz addicted glutton)

Mission Ultimate Pump Accomplished

Have some Collagen and Phosphatidic Acid before you go to bed, and give those newly acquired 19-25” arms some time to rest and recover for the next glorious day.

And if you’re lacking in the supplements necessary to achieve the ultimate Bucked Up pump, then head on over to the site, pick up your gains. Learn which supplements for size and strength work best!

Author: Logan Peterson
Ig: loganlpeterson

Logan Peterson

Logan Peterson is an avid writer and an unprofessional, non-competitive bodybuilder. Logan has several degrees, all of which he made up to sound more credible (for obvious reasons, Legal said he can’t list them). In truth, he simply has an insatiable curiosity. After eleven years of obsessive research, he knows too much about fitness, nutrition, and supplementation for his own good. Despite all appearances, he’s fiercely nerdy. Outside of fitness, his passions are reading and writing; his genre interests run the gamut from litrpg to satire. Due to ADHD, he’s currently working on several novels, and will likely publish all of them at once. And yes, he wrote his own third person.

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