What Makes Bucked Up Energy The Undefeated Champion of Energizing Power

In this article, I have the honors of doing something that no other energy drink content writer can; use science and studies to breakdown exactly why Bucked Up Energy is the champion. How I’ll accomplish this is really quite simple…

Giving you full insight into the ingredients we used when forging our master energy drink.

This way, when the energy starts surging,* the focus gets going,* and your mood & motivation are dialed up to blissful “flow state”,* you will know exactly what’s going on in your brain and body. Otherwise you might accuse us of mysticism (we wouldn’t blame you if you did).

Bucked Up Energy: The Ultimate In Focus, Energy, Mood, Mana, and More 

We come from sports nutrition. We know energy. We know benefits. We’ve helped athletes achieve their goals using clinically studied ingredients and clinical doses. 

What we noticed was that there’s a severe energy shortage in the realm of everyday life drinks. Taking everything we’ve learned, and the knowledge that has made us experts, we studied (audited) all the other energy drinks out there and what we found was damning. For them, at least.

It became clear that what we needed was something that did for our everyday lives what pre-workouts do for our training sessions.

Which is why we had our mad scientist come up with the most diabolical formula of all time. 

Frankly, calling Bucked Up Energy an energy drink is almost selling it short, because it does far more than just load you up on caffeine and say ‘here’s some energy, sport!’ It works to improve your efficacy throughout the day,* while also boosting mood,* focus* and motivation.*

Bucked Up Energy drink is more like some mythical arcane potion concocted in an alchemist’s magical apothecary than anything else. Instead of just blocking adenosine receptors to trick your body into feeling less tired (using caffeine), Bucked Up Energy uses a myriad of clinically studied ingredients to actually energize you.*


Most energy drinks rely on caffeine and caffeine alone to get the job done. That’s fine. We’re grateful to them for being so uneducated, underwhelming, and under-developed. Makes it that much easier for Bucked Up Energy to conquer (although, really, it would be nice if someone challenged us once in a while).

One of the things that truly sets Bucked Up Energy drinks aside from the pack is that instead of just using caffeine for energy, we included two additional stimulants, providing you with a trio of legendary power.

  • Caffeine
  • Dynamine
  • TeaCrine (as Theacrine)

Together, this powerful trio forges an overwhelming alliance within your body, then recruits all the necessary neurotransmitters to help make sure you excel. 

In the following section, I’ll address how each of these ingredients work to provide you a deeper understanding of how one energy drink can possibly be so…well…energizing.

Caffeine: Shotgun-Fun Energy

Your favorite drug, Bucked Up Energy comes in two options: high stim or low stim. Our high stim energy drink packs an astonishing 300mg per can, and our low stim boasts 100mg. 

You know what caffeine does. 

It’s like the party animal of the friend group. Wild, uncontrolled, lovable, and if we’re all being honest with ourselves, kind of a moron. But hey, they make things more fun, and besides, someone’s gotta get the party started.

Dynamine: Laser Vision Focus and Energy*

The sharp shooter of the group, Dynamine boasts several energy boosting benefits. Like caffeine, it kicks in fairly quickly at about 15-20 minutes. What makes dynamine so effective, however, isn’t just that it boosts energy. 

Dynamine has also been shown to improve cognitive performance,* elevate moods,* and can even stimulate the metabolism.*

In other words, you know that kid in school that somehow knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up? The one that pursues everything with laser focus, and will probably rule the world someday? The very same person who in college only had one flaw, and that was their tendency to burn the candle at both ends, then go on a binger (because their buddy Caffeine dragged them out) that same weekend. They’re like Rob Lowe’s Jeff Megall in Thank You For Smoking; they sleep on Sunday. That’s Dynamine. 

TeaCrine (theacrine): Long-Lasting Energy*

TeaCrine might not get going as quickly as the others, but that’s because, as a responsible adult ingredient, they know that the best way to have a good time is to reach the plateau and stay there instead of bulldozing past.

Basically, amongst the stimulant trio, TC is the one that helps keep you going. It kicks in about an hour into the party, and the energy it provides has been shown to last up to ten hours, gradually bringing you back down to reality so you don’t crash and burn.*

Of all the stimulants in Bucked Up Energy drinks, TeaCrine is the responsible one. No one really knows how it even got mixed up in the friend group to begin with, because good old TC is sort of an introvert and can kind of be a drag at times. But hey, when it comes to a solid friend group, everyone needs at least one person (ingredient) that tries to encourage responsibility.

Non-Stimulatory Ingredients

This article isn’t solely about bashing other energy drink companies. But describing something by comparison is something we as humans have done since light vs dark, good vs evil, nice vs rude, or more relevantly speaking, epic vs bleh. Anyway, one of the biggest issues with other energy drinks is that they fail to include ingredients that deliver what you really want out of an energy drink, like mood, motivation, and even focus.

I know. What you really want is energy, obviously. Not saying you don’t want that. What I’m saying is that there are two types of energy.

  1. Dirty Energy: Anxious, jittery, can’t concentrate, heart pounding, crash
  2. Clean Energy: Motivated,* unstoppable,* focused,* positive mindset,* level-headed*

Bucked Up Energy’s non-stimulatory ingredients are part of what makes our drinks the Clean Energy type.* After all, real ingredients mean real results.

This section will show you exactly what I mean.

Vitamin B12 for energy production (be self-sustainable)

An essential vitamin that your body needs but can’t produce, Vitamin B12 plays several roles. For one example, it supports normal functioning of nerve cells. That’s all well and good, but what matters most are its impressive benefits.

  • May improve mood, especially in those with a B12 deficiency*
  • May benefit brain gains by being neuroprotective*
  • Because B vitamins aid with the body’s energy production, B12 can boost energy levels*

L-Tyrosine for nootropic power

As an amino acid, L-Tyrosine is naturally produced in the body (from another amino acid called phenylalanine). L-Tyrosine helps make several important substances, including: dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and melanin.

Its popularity as a dietary supplement stems from its purported benefits. Just to name a few:

  • May improve alertness,* attention,* and focus.*
  • Because it can increase neurotransmitter production, L-Tyrosine can aid with mood.*

Alpha GPC (as AlphaSize) for mental sharpness

Regarded as one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world,* we had to include AlphaSize (Alpha-Glycerl Phosphoryl Choline) in Bucked Up Energy. It’s often used medically as a memory aid,* as well as in sports nutrition programs to sharpen agility* and delay fatigue.*

As great as normal Alpha GPC is, AlphaSize takes it a step further. It’s an advanced choline compound, enhancing brain metabolism,* and increasing the release of acetylcholine (the body and brain’s primary neurotransmitter).* Some of the most common benefits in brain and body function are:

  •  Memory recall and learning.*
  • Focus and mental sharpness.*
  • Hand-eye coordination, and agility.*

L-Theanine because you’re not you when you’re jittery

Found most commonly in tea leaves, the amino acid L-Theanine is the perfect addition to any energy drink. Research has shown that L-Theanine promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness.* 

One study of five randomized controlled trials found that it reduced stress and anxiety in people experiencing stressful situations;* great news considering that more often than not, we partake of energy drinks to combat deadlines and what not.

Another strong benefit is that, when paired with caffeine, L-Theanine can increase focus and attention.* This is important since oftentimes having a high-caffeine diet can make us distractible. 

So, to recap those benefits:

  • May induce relaxation without drowsiness.*
  • May increase focus and attention.*
  • May put stress and anxiety to rest.*   

Huperzine A for brain-boosting benefits

Frequently used as an ingredient in nootropic supplements, Huperzine A is found naturally in Chinese club moss Huperzia serrata. Since you probably don’t know what the heck that means either, Chinese club moss has historically been used for medicinal purposes, with one of its primary uses being to clear the mind.*

In modern times, research has lent credence to the age-old shamanic wisdoms. As such, huperzine a is often included in nootropic stacks for its possible benefits in memory* and acetycholine signaling.*

  • Boasts neuroprotective qualities.*
  • Some studies suggest that in as little as 50mcg doses taken twice daily, Huperzine A can improve aspects of memory and learning performance.*
  • Shown to improve acetylcholine levels (important for cognitive function).*
  • One other interesting benefit: may increase REM sleep and lucid dreaming* (note: despite huperzine A being an ingredient in Bucked Up Energy, probably don’t try drinking one before bed in hopes of having crazy visuals and dreams)
Beta-Alanine to accomplish everything

This is one ingredient that most likely all of you know about. It’s one of the reasons we use the tagline: “When you feel it, you’ll know…you got bucked up.” 

Beta-Alanine has several roles, some of which are biologically important, but the most important one in my opinion is actually a common side effect of this amino acid. It’s called synthesia…wait, nope. I always get these two mistaken. (synthesia means seeing sounds, or getting sensory inputs mixed up and that only happens when you drink two Bucked Up Energy drinks back to back [please don’t try that at home, children]).

At 1g per serving, this side effect is a mild, gentle tingling sensation.* A somewhat subtle reminder that you should be working, playing, or really doing anything that doesn’t include waiting for the “See next episode” bar to fill up. Because there’s things to do and worlds to conquer. 

Which, beta-alanine can also help with. That tingling sensation is kind of like hiring your own personal Pinky to step in a nicely ask, “So, what are we doing tonight, [insert your name here]?” So you can appropriately respond with, “taking over the world.” 

Since you’re equipped with all the other energizing,* focus enhancing,* mood boosting* ingredients within Bucked Up Energy, this shouldn’t really be a problem (if Trump did it for a while, so can you). Especially since beta-alanine has been shown to promote the following benefits:

  • Increased endurance and stamina.*
  • Increased athletic performance.*

The Triforce In Liquid Form

Most of you reading will have at least a vague idea what this is in reference to, but for those of you who don’t: In The Legend of Zelda series, the Triforce is considered the ultimate source of power (i.e. energy), and serves as the balance that weighs the three forces: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. It has the ability to grant the wish of those who obtain it. 

Interestingly, when someone with an unbalanced heart touches the Triforce, the sacred relic is split up into three pieces. It can, however, be split up even further into pieces known as Triforce Shards. Wondering where I’m going with this? Well…when all the shards are in close proximity, they will begin to resonate as they attempt to combine into one again.

And that, dear friends, is how Bucked Up Energy came to be. All the ingredients I’ve recently gone over with you were brought within close proximity of one another. To recap what those ingredients are…

For legendary energy, we have the three dynamic forces of:

  • Caffeine
  • Dynamine
  • TeaCrine

To balance all that otherwise unwieldy power, we gathered specific shards such as:

  • Vitamin B12: can improve body’s own energy production*
  • AlphaSize (Alpha GPC): Shown to sharpen mental focus*
  • Huperzine A: may increase memory recall, and focus*
  • Tyrosine: Neuroprotective, and concentration*
  • Beta-Alanine: Increased stamina (your call to action)*
  • Theanine: Calm, cool, and collected*

The ingredients resonated. We fused them together. And thus, we forged Bucked Up Energy: the ultimate source of energy, serving as the balance that weighs all forces, and boasting the ability to help you grant your own wishes. 

Bucked Up Energy: Your Legend Awaits…

Sure, you might not need to save any princesses, learn any ocarinas of time, or defeat an evil overlord, but there’s still plenty of legends worth writing. Yours might as well be one of them.

Head on over to the site now, and claim your ultimate power. Go on, we already went through all the trouble of thousands of hours of quests and side quests to forge your ultimate power. The least you can do is claim it.

Heed my warning though: with great power comes great…nah, there’s already too many esoteric references in this article. Just do yourself a favor and energize with Bucked Up Energy responsibly. Check out our supplement stack for beginners.

And by responsibly, I mean epically.