LFG Fat-Burning Pre-Workout: The Weight Loss Revolution

In this article, I’ll be allowing you access into the vault of Bucked Up to give you a behind the scenes look at a pre-workout supplement that’s set to shake up the industry, and, more importantly, revolutionize the way we burn fat in the gym.

I am referring to a pre-workout known (to only few) as LFG. Created in the legendary labs of Bucked Up, LFG is a pre-workout specifically designed to deliver every benefit you already love us for (pump, energy, focus, power), but with a seductive twist. 

And that twist is, of course, a fat burning boost unlike anything ever experienced…before now at least.

LFG Pre-Workout: Fat Burning Fire (At Your Fingertips)

In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand writes, “I like cigarettes, Miss Taggart. I like to think of fire held in a man’s hand. Fire, a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips.”

We aren’t sure about the cigarette thing, but there is something particularly powerful about the idea of holding fire between your fingertips. 

This is probably why we at HQ get so excited about the newest fat burning pre-workout LFG. Because, well, fire.

You see, fire is kind of an interesting sort of force. On one side of the (burning) coin, fire can destroy, raze entire cities to the ground, sweep across a country leaving behind only ash. But fire, loosely speaking, has the ability to fuel, to create, to power, to electrify…to propel. 

LFG Pre-workout is fire. Not in the juvenile tweet lingo sort of “that’s so fire, bro” sense. In the literal sense. This is the fire that fuels a revolution, that destroys the old, and it is the same fire used to spark and ignite and work and most of all transcend. 

LFG is formulated with clinically studied ingredients shown to increase your internal temperature, sparking and transforming the body into nuclear fusion, burning away fat cells (and accelerating fitness goals). These ingredients can help you burn more calories, thereby accelerating your fat loss journey.*

LFG Fat Burning Pre-Workout: Prime Ingredients to Ignite & Fuel Fat Loss

In the following section, I will break down a few LFG fat-burning pre-workout ingredients so you can better understand how LFG effectively works to help you achieve your fitness goals.*

And, if you finish reading and find yourself curious about the other ingredients responsible for the jaw-dropping benefits associated with this revolutionary pre-workout, don’t you worry…this is but a hint at the awesomeness around the proverbial corner.

ParadoxineⓇ (Grains of Paradise): Uniquely Inspired Approach To Accelerating Fat Loss

Grains of Paradise (ParadoxineⓇ) is a supplement that’s gained a lot of popularity in the fitness industry for its fat loss benefits. What’s more, unlike many supplements out there, Grains of Paradise actually has human studies behind it. 

What does that research say? Not much, just that this powerful supplement can….

  • Provide body recomposition benefits without impacting the cardiovascular system*
  • Increase energy expenditure and accelerate weight loss*
  • Improve lipid levels and glucose metabolism*

ParadoxineⓇ: Trick Your FAT to Burn Itself

In order to understand how it is Grains of Paradise empowers fat loss we need to first comprehend how ParadoxineⓇ works inside the body. 

You may or may not know this but…

There are two types of fat inside our bodies.

  1. White Adipose Tissue
  2. Brown Adipose Tissue

Without getting too scientific on you, white fat is lame and stubborn and, if we were to give it a defining personality trait, that trait would be that White fat desires nothing more to stay where it is, leeching off your body, hindering aesthetic goals, and making sure you stay at your current body fat percentage. In other words, we hate white fat and it can’t sit with us.

Brown fat on the other hand is as eager to be burned for energy as little green lemmings (found in that old game, called, you guessed it, Lemmings). These lemmings are at your beck and call, to be burnt for fuel whenever you need, ready to be sacrificed for the greater good — abs. 

Hear that? It’s the sound of your fat stores marching to their demise. Kind of a pleasant sound, huh?

What makes Grains of Paradise so epic is that it helps convert your body’s stubborn fat into lemmings fat. It’s sort of like how wise Abe once said, “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends,” but better, because, well, what’s cooler than recruiting your enemy’s soldiers to win the war on weight loss and destroy all that lazy fat that’s done nothing but hold you back? I’ll tell you the answer. It’s nothing. Getting shredded is the coolest.

Which is why we couldn’t help ourselves. If we were going to make the most powerful fat-burning pre-workout in the history of mankind, then obviously we needed to include an ingredient that science has shown helps build your body’s army and conquer insidious fat stores.

Fair warning: when taking LFG, it is not unheard of to feel an increase in sweating. Don’t worry. This is just a sign that the Grains of Paradise are going to work, maximizing thermogenesis and what not for fat loss gainz.*

MitoBurnⓇ (L-BAIBA): Convince Your Body It’s ALWAYS Exercising

Another innovative supplement found within the fully transparent supplement panel of LFG Fat-Burner Pre-Workout is a trademarked ingredient that’s built quite a name for itself…

MitoBurnⓇ is a groundbreaking ingredient scientifically shown to increase fat burning potential*.

To those who have ventured around the fat loss block a few times, that little statement might sound like nothing more than more marketing fluff. So if you rolled your eyes reading about epic fat loss potential, I get it—If anything, I’m probably more of a skeptic than you. 

But the science behind MitoBurnⓇ isn’t that type of science (i.e. pseudo or bro). The way this revolutionary fat burning key ingredient works legitimately checks out. 

You see, before the industry-trusted brand “NNB” broke grounds with their revolutionary ingredient, MitoBurnⓇ, science discovered a truly intriguing “amino acid” called BAIBA. 

What scientists found was that, during intense exercise, our muscles produce this amino acid L-BAIBA. Furthermore, they discovered that, as an “exercise factor”, increased levels of L-BAIBA were associated with many of exercise’s countless benefits, such as: regulating metabolism, increased energy expenditure, fuel selection management, and more.

Up until very recently, the best way to increase levels of BAIBA was through intense exercise…but that’s changed, all in thanks to MitoBurnⓇ.

The trademarked ingredient, MitoBurnⓇ was designed to help ignite the metabolic fire within. Additionally, it’s geared toward calling upon the powers of L-BAIBA and mimicking the effects of exercise to aid you in your fat loss journey —both during exercise and after. 

  • May help reduce body fat and improve body composition
  • May support healthy carb tolerance and insulin sensitivity
  • Designed to elevate levels of BAIBA, the body’s exercise signal, to help promote metabolic benefits associated with intense exercise efforts*

LFG also provides benefits all exercisers (worth their macros) can appreciate.

Let’s get real for a second…

You know what’s needed to win the war against unwanted fat. You gotta work hard, push your limits, then push beyond those limits, and of course, you also gotta burn any fatty obstacles that dare oppose your weight loss goals. It’s tough. But it’s worth it (obviously). 

Naturally, you deserve supplements that work as hard as you do. In addition to the trademarked fat-loss powerhouses MitoBurn and Paradoxine, Bucked Up LFG fuses familiar compounds with groundbreaking new fat-loss ingredients to give you a pre-workout experience as powerful as your work ethic.

Training with LFG is the equivalent of throwing fat stores on the stove and cranking burners up to max. Set by set & sprint by sprint, combine your hard work with LFG’s body-heating thermogenesis, and bring fat to a steady boil. Evaporate unwanted weight and transform.

Some of the benefits you might discover and even feel when training under the LFG influence are…

  • Energy beyond mortal comprehension*
  • Thermogenesis to help trigger fat loss transformation*
  • Promotes proper metabolic function for healthy weight loss*
  • Dopamine flood gates release for elevated mood & motivation*
  • Encourages the quest for unequaled levels of endurance*
  • Prime the body for transformative cell swelling— optimus PUMP*

Where Can You Acquire the Fat-Burning Powers of LFG Pre-Workout?

Good question. As of this writing, LFG is still locked in a secret vault with a destination known to only a select few (don’t worry, I’m not amongst the chosen ones either). However, rumor has it that this revolutionary fat-burning pre-workout is set to launch in the next, well….

Actually, I’ll be honest. 

The powers that be are playing this “launch” close to the chest. As a result, I’m not privy to the exact date just yet. 

But what I can tell you is this.

LFG will be dropping very soon, and when it does, well…

Get ready for a “cutting” season unlike any that have come before, because LFG Fat-Burning Pre-Workout is about to change everything.