Lower Body Recovery w/ Tammy Scirrotto

So this quick workout is a yoga flow/stretch sequence for the lower body! For those of you new to Yoga, a “flow” is a procession of poses performed back to back, gently moving from one to the next without resting between.

Always remember to take deep, full inhales and exhale on the work! The deeper the exhale, the deeper you’ll be able to get into a stretch. However, do NOT force any stretch deeper than you can comfortably manage.  Let’s get started.

  1. Basic Quad Stretch: Heel to glute, knees in line, and pelvis pushed forward. Right leg, then left
  2. Forward Fold: Bend the knees slightly, grab opposite knees with opposite hands.
  3. Right Side Runner’s Lung: Stepping forward with your right foot, pause, twisting chest open to the left. Return to forward fold.
  4. Left Side Runner’s Lunge: From forward fold, step forward with your left foot and twist open to the right. To transition, come into a low lunge, planting both hands about shoulder width on the ground, then bring your left foot back to rest beside your right
  5. High Plank: Keeping your core tight, hold this pose
  6. Left Lizard’s Pose: Step left foot forward into a Lizard Pose, and if mobility allows it, bring your forearms to the ground
  7. High Plank: Return to this position
  8. Right Lizard’s Pose: From High Plank, step your right foot forward into Lizard Pose
  9. Downward Facing Dog: After bringing your right foot back to the plank position, come into a Downward Facing Dog position, pedaling feet so each heel lowers closer to the floor/mat.
  10. Table Top Position (Right side body stretch): Place your wrists under shoulders, knees under hips, and belly button to spine. Kick right leg out long, toes on ground. Cross right foot over left leg (off the side of the mat). Turn and look over left shoulder for a full right side body stretch.
  11. Table Top Position (Left side body stretch): (Same alignment as right side) Kick left leg out long, toes on the ground. Cross left foot over right leg (off side of mat). Turn and look over the right shoulder, for a full left side body stretch
  12. Table Top Position to Right side Pigeon Pose – Kick right leg straight out, bring knee all the way up towards chest and cross foot/ankle in front of left knee. Peek over left shoulder to make sure left leg is walked straight back. Walk hands back towards knees, chest/chin up and forward. DEEP BREATHS! If mobility allows, walk down to forearms and drop head so that head/neck/spine are in alignment.
  13. Back to Table Top Position – Repeat above on Left side.
  14. Cobblers Pose – Easy seat position. Brings soles of both feet together in front. Interlace fingers around the toes, roll shoulder blades down the back, sit up tall and straight. Take a few deep, full breaths. On an exhale, take elbows wide and fold forward over the feet. (elbows to the mat/ground if your mobility allows it)

Repeat this flow as many times as you’d like.

Remember, time and consistency will aid in mobility and flexibility. Mobility and flexibility will help with muscle recovery!

Be sure to keep getting your stretches in daily! Learn about these killer back workouts.

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