Quick Shoulders + Core workout

Building off last week’s edition of deltoid domination, today’s workout will be a similar shoulder workout to help you get a quick burn, stimulate the muscles, then conquer.

The workout will conclude with some abdominal exercises to help you prepare for the coming summer. Enjoy…he said, with a menacing grin.

Part 1: Shoulders Workout

Last week we focused on specialized tweaks to angles, some intensity techniques. Because of the higher intensity, it might not be a workout you can repeat every shoulder session. 

This workout will have similar exercises with some slight variations. The biggest difference is in your rest times and rep ranges, as well as less intensity techniques. It’s a solid foundational shoulder workout to utilize in between more grueling sessions. 

And because of the lower rest times between sets, you will greatly challenge your muscle endurance…and get a solid pump.

DB Military Press

3 sets of 15 repetitions

  • Sitting at an incline bench adjusted to either be upright or slightly less than vertical, rest both dumbbells on your thighs
  • Raise the dumbbells from your thighs and bring them to shoulder height. If they’re heavier dumbbells, you can raise one thigh at a time to help get the dumbbells into the starting position. 
  • With the dumbbells at shoulder height, rotate your palms so they face forward. Elbows should be slightly forward as well. Forearms should be perpendicular to the ground.
  • With power and control, press the dumbbells above your head. Do not lockout. 
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.
  • Repeat until failure. 

DB Reverse Fly

3 sets of 15 repetitions

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart, bending your knees slightly
  • Elongate your spine and engage your core as you hinge forward at the hips
  • You want your torso to be almost parallel to the ground
  • Allow your arms to hang down below your shoulders with pinkies facing mostly outward
  • Maintaining a tight core, raise the weights to the side and slightly backward
  • Stop when your elbows are at shoulder height. Pinky should be slightly higher than your thumb
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells back to starting position
  • That’s one rep. Perform 15

DB Front Raise

3 sets of 15 repetitions

  • Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand, with elbows slightly bent, and dumbbells resting in front of your thighs
  • Maintaining the elbow bend, raise your left arm in front of you until it is parallel to the floor. 
  • Make sure that, as per usual, your elbows are slightly higher than your wrist
  • Slowly lower your left arm to starting position
  • Repeat the movement with right arm
  • That’s one rep. Perform 15

DB Lateral Raise

3 sets of 15 repetitions

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, resting your arms a little forward at your sides
  • Engage your shoulder blades and traps as you raise your arms (and consequently, the weights)
  • Stop when your elbows are at shoulder height. Your elbows should be slightly above your wrists
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position
  • That’s one rep. Repeat for 15 repetitions

Part 2: Abdominal Circuit

For the second part of this workout, you will be torching your abdominal muscles with a high repetition circuit. 

Perform the three following exercises back to back without rest in between exercises.

  1. Sit Ups 3 x 12
  2. Leg Lifts 3 x 12
  3. Russian Twists 3 x 20

Part 3: Plank Circuit

Finishing off the workout with a core strengthening circuit. Your abs should be on fire already, so hang in there. Washboard abs weren’t made without some sweat. 

Additionally, planks are a fantastic way to improve your core stability. By performing them after the abdominal circuit is a powerful way to tap into the well and reap greater benefits.

  • Low Planks 3 x 30
  • Side Planks 3 x 30
  • (Other) Side Planks 3 x 30

Screenshot Workout

ExerciseSets + RepsRest Time
DB Military Press3 x 1530-60 seconds
DB Reverse Fly3 x 1530-60 seconds
DB Front Raise3 x 1530-60 seconds
DB Lateral Raise3 x 1530-60 seconds
Leg Lifts
Russian Twists
3 x 12
3 x 12
3 x 20
30-60 seconds between “rounds”
Low Planks
Side Planks
(Other) Side Planks
3 x 30 seconds
3 x 30 seconds
3 x 30 seconds
30-60 seconds between “rounds”

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