LFG: Fat Loss Supplement & Pre-Workout

In this article I will be providing you with greater knowledge about the most exciting pre-workout to happen to fat loss in…probably forever?

I’m not being facetious. LFG really is that epic.

I aim to help you develop a better understanding about LFG. In doing so, I will briefly explain the groundbreaking, clinically trademarked ingredients found within this calorie-burning designed pre-workout.

Once we have established this imperative foundation of knowledge, I will guide you through the sometimes decision-fatiguing art of concocting the perfect supplement stack to complement LFG pre-workout. I’ll provide different supplement stack examples to support your specific goals.

What is LFG by Bucked Up? Supplements For Weight Loss and Pre-Workout Pump 

LFG Pre-Workout is a revolutionary pre-workout specifically designed to optimize fat loss. Formulated to complement your hard work, LFG is made to act as both a pre-workout and a fat burning supplement.* 

This science-based, non-proprietary formula supplies breakthrough ingredients to help you achieve your noble quest for fat loss when combined with exercise.*

Bucked Up built LFG with the following benefits in mind:

  • Energy beyond mortal comprehension*
  • Thermogenesis to help trigger fat loss transformation*
  • Promotes proper metabolic function for healthy weight loss*
  • Dopamine flood gates release for elevated mood & motivation*
  • Encourages the quest for unequaled levels of endurance*
  • Prime the body for transformative cell swelling— optimus PUMP*

The Breakthrough Ingredients Aimed at Supporting Fat Loss

When I say breakthrough, I do not use the term loosely. In the following few sections, I will dive into three of the prime ingredients that drive this keto-friendly weight loss supplement’s pre-workout power.

Mucuna Pruriens 

Commonly referred to as velvet bean, Mucuna pruriens is a legume that’s been used in herbal medicine and Ayurveda for thousands of years as a remedy to encourage upgrading  a wide range of health categories, including but not limited to nervous system functionality, fertility, and more.*

Like Jack’s magic beans in the fairytale, mucuna beans are sometimes called “magical velvet beans.” 

As great as those benefits are, however, what’s piqued my interest is Mucuna’s affect on…you’ll see, just keep reading.

Mucuna Pruriens & Dopamine

Perhaps the most exciting property Mucuna is commonly known for is the way it affects the neurotransmitter, Dopamine. 

For those who don’t know, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter present in every brain (to varying degrees) that promotes increased well-being, focus, enjoyment, and interest in life (doesn’t that sound like a pleasant change!).*

With 20% L-DOPA (the immediate precursor of dopamine), Mucuna Pruriens can help the body with what it needs to make this important neurotransmitter.*

The potential positive effects optimizing your dopamine are abundant, but legal won’t let me write all of them out. So, instead, I’ll invite you to use your imagination. If you could maximize dopamine, the mood and motivation neurotransmitter, just how epic do you think you could become? Go ahead, let that sink in.

Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise) 

Also known as Paradoxine, Grains of Paradise extract is  is a spice native to West Africa that belongs to the same botanical family as ginger.

Within the seeds of Grains of Paradise, researchers have identified several compounds responsible for the purported fat loss abilities. For these weight loss benefits, two of the most important components science has found in Grains of Paradise are:

  • 6-paradol
  • 6-gingerol

The metabolic benefits of this extract have been confirmed in numerous human clinical trials. To truly understand just how Paradoxine works for encouraging fat-burning requires a little lesson on the different types of fatty adipose tissue.

Inside the body, we have two types of fatty adipose tissue:

  • White Adipose Tissue (WAT)
  • Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) 

For your sake (not everyone’s as big a nerd as me), I won’t belabor you with all the science behind these two types of tissue. 

All you need to really remember is that WAT is stubborn and hates to be burned for fuel, thereby staying stored up as nothing but a fatty free-loading nuisance to you and your goals. 

On the other hand…

Well, not to get all ridiculous and personify something so boringly biological, but: BAT is eager to utilized. BAT wants to be burned. BAT wants you to achieve you fat loss goals (it wants to be free?). In other words, not all types of fatty adipose tissue are evil. Some of them, such as BAT and one other type you’ll hear about momentarily, are beneficial to our Let’s-Get-Shredded goals.

Now, about that other type of fatty adipose tissue I very recently teased at. This is where things get real interesting (for us nerds at least)…

Paradoxine has the ability to convert WAT into a hybrid fat that’s been shown to be highly beneficial. This hybrid fat is called “Beige” fat. 

This adipose form has the characteristics of brown fat but exists within white fat cells, thus allowing for heat generation from within the stored fat.*

Meaning, it is the best of all worlds fitness. 

MitoBurn (L-BAIBA)

Recently, science discovered a truly intriguing “amino acid” called BAIBA. 

Recently, scientists discovered a truly intriguing amino acid known as BAIBA. During their studies, it was found that this amino acid is produced by our muscles during intense exercise. 

Furthermore, they discovered that, as an “exercise factor”, increased levels of L-BAIBA were associated with many of exercise’s countless benefits, specifically in:

  • May improve metabolic regulation*
  • increased energy expenditure*
  • Fuel selection management (fuel, as in calories, because that is at their core what calories are a measurement of).*

Enter MitoBurnⓇ: One of LFG’s Clinically Studied Supplements for Weight Loss 

MitoBurnⓇ is a trademarked ingredient developed by NNB Nutrition to essentially capture the power of increased L-BAIBA levels. Once we saw the research behind this calorie-burning powerhouse, we knew MitoBurnⓇ needed to be part of the already stacked non-proprietary pre-workout formula, LFG. 

Our reasoning is simple. We at Bucked Up tirelessly research every ingredient prior to ever even considering which ones make the list of potential pre-workout ingredients. And, given the following benefits, you’re likely to agree. 

  • May help reduce body fat when combined with exercise and improve body composition*
  • May support healthy carb tolerance and insulin sensitivity*
  • Can encourage the production of beta-hydroxybutyrate (primary, powerful ketone)*
  • Designed to elevate levels of BAIBA, the body’s exercise signal, to help promote metabolic benefits associated with intense exercise efforts*

That’s just on paper. Wait to see how those benefits pan out once you actually start utilizing the powers of MitoBurnⓇ in LFG on a daily basis.

How To Stack LFG Pre-Workout

In the following section, I’ll breakdown the various ways you can stack other Bucked Up supplements to maximize your gainz. 

Because not everyone is going to have the exact same goals, I will separate the stacks based on the most common desires.

That being said, I will be leaving out supplements such as STAG/DOE Full Spectrum Multivitamin, because taking a multivitamin should be pretty obviously necessary to, like, anyone who cares even a little bit about overall health and longevity. 

I will also be leaving out one of my favorite Bucked Up supplements, Sleep Support. Only because Sleep Support is basically my secret weapon and I’d like to keep all those GAINZ (in fat loss, performance, strength, lean muscle) to myself and I’m selfish like that.

Stacking for Fat Loss

PUMP-OCALYPSEThis gem of a stimulant-free pre-workout enhancer may help you pump out extra reps, as a result increasing calorie burn.15-30 minutes prior to training.1 serving
HEAT Fat BurnerSimple. HEAT Fat Burner is, well, you know, designed to accelerate healthy weight loss goals.Either 3-5 hours prior to training or 3-5 hours afterward. Just don’t take HEAT at the same time as LFG (that would be…silly is the most diplomatic word that comes to mind, but stupid is probably more accurate).½ – 1 serving
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)Stimulant free fatty acid studied for its benefits in gently, subtly shattering stubborn fat stores.1-2 times per day with meals1 serving 

Stacking for PUMP

PUMP-OCALYPSEI feel like this goes without saying. PUMP-OCALYPSE is the blood flow GOAT.15-30 minutes prior to training (can mix with LFG)1 serving
Himalayan Rock SaltRich in 84 trace minerals, Himalayan Rock Salt is finally gaining the recognition —for aiding PUMP— it deserves.15-30 minutes prior to training1 serving
Original BCAAsBCAAs are commonly used for delayed muscle fatigue and quicker recovery from workouts, but the prime reason I suggest adding our OG BCAAs to your PUMP-focused supplement stack is for the added hydrating ingredients formulated into OG.Intra-Workout1 serving

Stacking for Strength and Lean Muscle

PUMP-OCALYPSEPeak O2, a clinically trademarked adaptogen in PUMP-OCALYPSE, has shown benefits of strength increases over time.15-30 minutes prior to training1 serving
ALL BULK NO BLOATZero Calorie Mass Gainer designed to: boost recovery time, optimize hormone function, maximize nutrient utilization, dodge overtraining, without risking fat gain.Couple options here:Directly post-workout, just make sure to hold off on taking any food or protein for 30-60 minutes (leucine, an amino acid in protein, takes priority in our bodies, which can decrease the efficacy of ABNB)On an empty stomach 1 serving
Buck Feed Whey ProteinThis might come as a surprise, but you need to protein to repair muscle tissue, recover from workouts, and more. Buck Feed provides 25 grams of high-quality grass-fed whey proteinAs a meal replacement and/or as a post-workout recovery shake. 
Reminder: make sure to wait at least 30 minutes after ABNB to drink Buck Feed 
1-2 servings (25g ‒ 50g protein)

Stack Up. Burn Down. Build Lean GAINZ. And join the LFG Revolution today. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.